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Your Holi Closet

Lehariya, Bandhej, Color blocking and Ombre Attires for Holi. Shop!
Lehariya, Bandhej, Color blocking and Ombre Attires for Holi. Shop!
Lehariya, Bandhej, Color blocking and Ombre Attires for Holi. Shop!

Worried about missing the Holi deadline? All you have to do is order from our Fast Dispatch section. Our ethnic delights will be shipped out in 3 days flat to reach you before Holi. So explore our light-hued, delicately embroidered or printed attires right away!


Colors, colors everywhere! Get drenched in the magic of Lehariya and Bandhej. Be resplendent in Color Blocking and Ombre. After all, it’s Holi and every trend is a colorful trend!

Bandhej Sarees for Holi. Shop!

How can the festival of colors be complete without Rajasthan’s famed Bandhej? This unique tie and dye coloring technique is utterly gorgeous in bright colors like red and yellow.

Lehariya Sarees in multicolor for Holi. Shop!

Where are your colorful Lehariya Sarees? Get them here in exuberant waves that are typically Indian and beautifully festive. Holi is time to drape this artwork from Rajasthan!

Ombre Sarees in varying tints for Holi. Shop!

Holi is the time to be colorful and contemporary. Drape yourself in trending Ombre shades of Grey, Blue, Green, Fuchsia that blend to create magic. Our Ombre array is a festive favorite.

Color blocked Sarees, Kurtas, Suits and Half-n- Half Sarees for Holi. Shop!

For all you revellers, color blocking is a big trend. Shop our Kurtas, Salwar Suits and Sarees with contrast blocks of bright, solid colors and neons. The lovely Half-n-Half Sarees shouldn’t be missed.

Bright colors for Holi: Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red attires & more. Shop!

Have a Holi blast in Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red & more. Vibrant attires in cotton, georgette & chiffon with light work or prints are so spring-ready. Be a showstopper at the party!

White attires for Holi: sarees, straight suits, kurtis, skirts and more. Shop!

Possess the finest of Whites in sarees, straight suits, kurtis, palazzos and skirts. Delicately embroidered or lightly printed, white attires make perfect daytime wear for the gulaal to show!