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Indian Wear Dedicated To Your Mother

Indian Wear Dedicated To Your Mother
May 2, 2017
A mother is irreplaceable! Her unconditional love deserves something special. So want to gift her something as precious as her? We’re here to help. Here you’ve a timeless collection of Indian wear and jewelry from India. It’s an extra-special range dedicated to every Mother. We would love to spoil her with iconic Indian drapes of silk, trending Indian suits, pearl pieces and much more. Rather than wait until the eleventh hour, get a head start on your Mother’s Day gift this time. Keep scrolling to find out that ultimate one for her.
Mother’s Day Gifting: Handloom Sarees, Silks, Pearl and Kundan Jewelry.
Handloom Sarees
Mother’s Day Gifting: Tant, Jamdani, Tussar Silk, Madhubani Print Sarees. Shop!
Jamdani Sarees in beautiful colors. Shop! Tant Sarees in beautiful colors. Shop!
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You can always rely on this one! The 6-yard-handmade-wonder is a prized-possession of every woman. She wants to keep updating her wardrobe with classy handloom sarees. Thanks to the fine textures, striking fall, and never-ending appeal handloom saris boast. Mothers will definitely love handloom drapes, such as Jamdani and Tant.

Made of fine quality muslin, these are marked for woven motifs, such as paisleys, diagonal patterns, and rectangular shapes. Jamdani Joys. come in bold hues and dark, contrasting borders. There’s no better way to celebrate your Mother’s grace than this traditional Indian handmade saree. She is bound to love our iconic white and red sarees.

Tent Saree. is one of the most comfortable handloom drapes. Ther’re versatile enough for day-to-day wear. It is woven from cotton threads and distinguished by its lightness and transparency. Your mother can affectionately drape this one in summer.
Pakistani Suits
Mother's Day Gifting: Pakistani Suits in prints or work. Shop!
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Your mum is going to love this Indian trend! Pakistani suit has turn to be a go-to statement this season. Blending comfort and class, they work well for all occasions. Choose from trendy colors and high quality fabrics.
Silk Sarees
Mother’s Day Gifting: Kanchipuram, Banarasi,Tussar Silk, Chanderi and Mysore Silk Sarees. Shop!
Mysore Silk Sarees with rich motifs. Shop! Chanderi Silk Sarees in statement borders. Shop!
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You can never go wrong with a silk saree. Gift her one or two. Or hundred! She’s never going to complain. Plus the eternal lustre of silk saree is more than perfect for celebrating her warmth.

It’s a royal Indian drape that’ll make your mum stand out in crowd. Every saree connoisseur wants to stock up a good deal of Mysore Sarees. And if your mother is one of them, she’s going to adore it the most. And you too!

It’s a saree of the moment. Elevate your mother’s style sense with a fine quality Chanderi Saree. Revered for exquisite embroidery, silk, and enchanting patterns, it’s an investment piece that she’s always going to cherish. Pick one with a unique woven pattern like floral art, peacock, or a geometric design.
Rajasthani Sarees
Rajasthani Sarees in vbrant colors. Shop!
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Our Rajasthan sarees are another fabulous way to celebrate the vibrant personality of your mother. Mesmerize her with a lively lehariya, bandhej, kota pati or kota doria saree from Rajasthan, India.
Pearl Jewelry
Pearl Jewelry for Mother’s Day gifting. Shop!
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To match her splendour, gift her classy pearl jewelry. These smooth lustrous pearls are exactly versatile like her. They’ve the power to compliment every outfit she wears. Take your pick from our remarkable neck-pieces, rings, earrings, and bangles in pearl.
Long Kurtas
Long Kurtas in pastels and brights. Shop!
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Tired of gifting saris or suits to your mom? Pick from our fuss-free range of long kurtas for her. We’ve plenty in bright and beautiful colors. Mix and match with leggings, jeggings, and jeans. No wonder, a long kurta is a great way to get away from a traditional style rut.
Kundan Jewelry
Kundan Jewelry for Mother’s Day gifting. Shop!
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Gifting an intricate kundan set is a sure-fire way to make her happy. Choose that perfect one from our exquisite range of jewelry detailed with kundan stones. Go for contemporary patterns that she always wanted to adorn.
Largest range of authentic Indian styles for weddings, festivals and casual times. Shop!

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