Heritage of Gujarat: Bandhani Prints, Patola Prints, Mirror Work, Oxidized Jewelry & more. Shop! Heritage of Gujarat: Bandhani Prints, Patola Prints, Mirror Work, Oxidized Jewelry & more. Shop!

Gujarat is famous for its brightly colored and intricately ornamented garments. The vibrant outfits display a stark contrast against the land of Kutch, the salt desert. Mesmerized by the Gujarati flair, we've curated a stunning galore of Gujarat's top regional motifs & adornments. Prints like Batik, Patola, Bandhani & others decorate the collection. Further, Mirror Work styles & Oxidized Jewelry are also on display. Claim them now!


Gujarat's Fashion Favorite: Bandhani or Bandhej Printed Sarees in Art Silk, Chiffon & other fabrics. Shop!

The allure of Bandhani/Bandhej printed drapes is irresistible. Here, we've curated a perfect collection of Bandhani Sarees. Each piece is adorned with traditional Gujarati hues like Yellow, Red, Green, and more. Hurry and shop away the best!

Gujarat’s Fashion Favorite: Batik Printed Saree in Georgette, Cotton, Art Silk & other fabrics. Shop!

Every Desi fashion lover needs at least one of our Batik Printed Saree. Our collection of Gujarati masterpieces showcases motifs depicting elements of nature. Further, some drapes flaunt geometric shapes, traditional symbols, dots, and other designs.

Gujarat’s Patola Printed Sarees in unique colors like Fuchsia, Gray, Sky Blue & more. Shop!

A collection of folk motifs & geometric designs await here. The art is ornamented with flaming shades that exude vibrance. And, that is the Patola perfection! Hurry, claim the top-voted Patola Printed styles here!

Gujarat’s Top Tie-N-Dye Style ethnic & fusion fashion in bright colors. Shop!

The art of dyeing the fabric knots in the vibrance of Gujarat is hard to perfect. Although, at Utsav, you'll only find the best! A handpicked curation of Tie-N-Dye styles, reminiscent of Gujarati perfection, awaits you here.


Gujarat’s Heritage Fashion: Mirror Work Lehengas, Sarees, Salwar Suits, etc. Shop!

Mirror Work is the pride of Gujarat, a celebrated art form of India. Make way! It's here to steal the spotlight away. Welcome this cherry-picked collection comprising top ethnic & fusion styles adorned with mirrors.

Gujarat's loved Oxidized Jewelry: Necklaces, Earrings, Rings & more. Shop!

To accessorize a vibrant Gujarati look, you need the humble charm of Oxidized Jewelry. Grab your favorite Oxidized beauties from Utsav. Delicate carving, intricate stonework, and lovely embellishments decorate the collection. Give them a chance!