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Uppada Silk Sarees

Uppada Sarees from India

The beauty of a silk saree is dependent on many factors. The quality of the silk fabric, the vibrant colours used and most of all the weaving technique that gives a silk saree its unique look. An uppada silk saree comes from the coastal town of Uppada in Andhra Pradesh, where it is woven using the traditional Jamdani weaving style fused with local Andhra traditions. The characteristic that sets an Uppada saree apart from other Indian silks is its light weight and nearly translucent appearance. The weaving of an Uppada saree incorporates zari work done in gold and copper metal color. Fine gold or silver threads are used for weaving a zari work onto a silk fabric.

Uppada Silk Sarees Style Guide

Given the lightweight and easy wearability of Uppada Sarees are extremely comfortable to wear on a regular basis. However, since Uppada silk sarees (or Uppada Handloom silk sarees) are entirely hand-woven therefore relatively expensive, they are saved for special occasions like traditional gatherings, festivals or weddings. Uppada sarees are so beautiful and long-lasting that they are often handed down to the next generations. They are also well-known throughout the world.

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