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Tie and Dye Sarees

Get a Different Look with Tie and Dye Sarees

Tie and dye sarees or Bandhani sarees have been very popular lately. Even though they have been around for years, these traditional handicraft sarees have managed to stay in trend and have retained its charm. Getting gorgeous Tie and dye sarees is not an easy job. One has to go from one shop to another to get the desired pattern and design. The process of tie and dye is also intriguing. The artisan first ties knots in patterns on the cloth. The cloth is then dyed in different colors to create the final product.

While tie and dye sarees were traditionally made of cotton, they are today being woven with different fabrics like chiffon and georgette. Tie and dye is used in all parts of the world to create new and unique patterns. The charm of a traditional Indian tie and dye saree is inimitable. Today, it is being revised to make more modern designs by altering the fabric used or the embellishments done on the sarees. It’s now easy to look out for interesting designs and buy tie and dye sarees online.

Along with Tie and dye sarees, Lehariya sarees have also become extremely popular among the high profile Rajput women of Rajasthan. Lehariya sarees make use of wavy prints. Both of these are most famous as plain and printed cotton sarees. However, today designers are experimenting with this style. They are increasingly using crystals, sequins, beads and embroidery to create stylish and unique sarees. These sarees help you to stand out in the crowd. When you wear a bandhni saree, it goes best with the traditional Polki jewellery that Rajasthan is famous for. Add to that an interesting potli bag and make a style quotient that would leave you looking a million bucks!