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Buy Sournachuri Sarees Online for a Sensational Look

It is said that Sournachuri sarees were created out of Baluchari Sarees, which reflect the nobility of Bengali Zamindars. Even though Sournachuri sarees are still being called the illustrious sister of Baluchari sarees, they have managed to get an identity of their own by weaving golden threads in fabric, imparting the entire saree a unique sheen. Bright colors are heavily used in the making of Sournachuri sarees. Off white and red colors with a strong influence of gold are the most popular choices. Patterns, designs and figures on these sarees narrate numerous mythological stories and incidents, which has been one of the significant reasons for the recognition Sournachuri sarees have received.

The thread work in these sarees is extremely intricate and each piece of Sournachuri sarees is a reflection of skillful art and craftsmanship. The borders of these sarees are ornamental and render a rich and royal look to women. Kalka motifs are heavily used on the border and designs are mostly influenced by architecture, rural life, marriages and much more. One can also find, stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana woven into artistic designs that accentuate the pallu of these sarees.

Getting Sournachuri sarees has now become easy as a number of eCommerce websites have entered the market. You can now buy Sournachuri sarees online at Utsav Fashion with extreme ease. Browse through our collection of Sournachuri sarees online and pick your favorite. Online shopping sarees can offer value added services like instant shipping, and various payment options of your choice. Besides this, attractive discounts and offers during festivals are simply alluring.
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