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Delve into the magnificent range of Silk Sarees, thoughtfully curated for new saree lovers as well as saree connoisseurs. They are perfect for celebrating the beauty of the royal beauty of yours. Whether it's a Banarasi silk saree you seek or a regal Kanchipuram silk saree, the collections pamper you with plenty.
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  1. Banarasi Saree in Green
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    Banarasi Saree in Green

    As low as $219.00 Regular Price $365.00

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  2. Chanderi Pure Chanderi Silk Saree in Red
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    Chanderi Pure Chanderi Silk Saree in Red

    As low as $104.00

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  3. Banarasi Saree in Magenta
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    Banarasi Saree in Magenta

    As low as $292.00

  4. Kanchipuram Saree in Dark Purple
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  5. Banarasi Pure Chiffon Silk Saree in Multicolor
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    Banarasi Pure Chiffon Silk Saree in Multicolor

    As low as $280.00

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  6. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Black
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  7. Banarasi Pure Tissue Silk Saree in Rust
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  8. Banarasi Pure Organza Silk Saree in Beige
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    Banarasi Pure Organza Silk Saree in Beige

    As low as $326.00

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  9. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Red
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  10. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Red
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  11. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Yellow
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  12. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Royal Blue
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  13. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Teal Blue
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  14. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Coral Red
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  15. Banarasi Pure Tissue Silk Saree in Light Beige
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  16. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Fuchsia
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  17. Banarasi Pure Tissue Silk Saree in Purple
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    Banarasi Pure Tissue Silk Saree in Purple

    As low as $280.00

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  18. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Maroon
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  19. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Fuchsia
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  20. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Magenta
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  21. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Light Green
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  22. Banarasi Handloom Pure Katan Silk Saree in Light Yellow
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  23. Banarasi Pure Chiffon Silk Saree in Multicolor
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    Banarasi Pure Chiffon Silk Saree in Multicolor

    As low as $280.00

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  24. Banarasi Pure Chiffon Silk Saree in Multicolor
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    Banarasi Pure Chiffon Silk Saree in Multicolor

    As low as $280.00

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Shop Designer Silk Saree from our Latest Collection at Utsav Fashion

The grandest of all and remarkable in every way, Silk Sarees remain the most-sought after among women in India and across the world. Of course, it has its valid reasons. Let’s begin with the momentous textures, luxurious feel, and natural sheen instantly uplifts the personality of the wearer. Paired with versatility and durability, silk sarees offer the best of both worlds.

Silk Sarees remain the top-most choice for most occasions. Stretching from weddings to traditional pujas, the momentous drape never fails to impress. Just like Utsav Fashion. It’s an online haven to discover the perfect silk saree for your personality. We have thoughtfully handpicked every kind of silk saree to satisfy the needs of the connoisseurs to new Indian saree lovers.

Different Types of Pure Silk Sarees at Utsav Fashion

Silk Sarees redefine abundance when it comes to diversity. Thanks to the rich Indian states that have gifted unique regional Banarasi silk sarees to the world. From Kota Silk to Muga silk saree, and Banarasi to Kanjivaram saree, every corner surprises immensely with its striking drape. The magnificent variety is opulent enough to meet varied styles and personal preferences. At Utsav Fashion, you find of silk sarees online in bounty in the liveliest of colors and designs.

  • Kanchipuram Silk Sarees:

    It is definitely the most sought after Indian silk saree. Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are the pride of the Kanchipura region in Tamil Nadu, India. The majestic sarees are marked for their enchanting borders, luxurious textures, exquisite feel, and super-rich appearance. Boasting such magnificence, a Kanchipuram silk saree is a must-have for the wardrobe of every woman. Its grandeur perfectly matches with the special occasions in our lives. Make sure to invest in the iconic collection of Kanchipuram silk saree online at Utsav Fashion.
  • Banarasi Silk Sarees:

    The city of Varanasi has gifted us with many wonders. One of the greatest ones are Banarasi Silk Sarees. Featuring legendary craftsmanship, and remarkable artistry, these silk sarees have emerged as the prized possession of every woman. On weddings and special occasions, these bridal sarees take them out and get dressed in the finest. Or shop the trending silk sarees online from Utsav Fashion’s royal range of Banarasi silk sarees online. It’s time you invest in yours!
  • Chanderi Silk Sarees:

    Celebrate the legacy of Chanderi with Utsav Fashion’s rich Chanderi Sarees. The graceful drapes spellbind with a marvelous blend of heritage and lustrous textures. Explore and shop from our fascinating designs and styles. Every piece is a masterpiece and great enough to elevate your beauty by leaps and bounds. Choose from our unique range made from silk, cotton, and zari. Make them yours and own the brilliant artistry from Chanderi Sarees online at Utsav Fashion.
  • Baluchari Silk Saree:

    The timeless Baluchari Silk sarees never fail to impress with their grand appeal. Woven in the Indian state of Bengal and Bangladesh, Baluchari Sarees are highly revered for their elaborate, woven patterns in the pallu and borders. They depict illustrations from epics and mythological texts. Paired with the lustrous, golden weave and the wedding saree looks truly opulent at weddings and festivities.
  • Banarasi Jute Silk Saree:

    If you love rustic and earthy charm, trust Banarasi Jute Silk Sarees. They marvel at you with a momentous symphony of jute and silk threads. Accentuated with zari borders and pallu, these jute silk sarees make for a perfect drape for casual and semi-formal events. They are light and breathable and boast a natural appeal. Discover Utsav Fashion’s enchanting range of Banarasi Jute Silk Sarees online in vibrant colors and lovely designs.
  • Chanderi Kora Silk Saree:

    The magnificent, Kora Silk Sarees are made like a Chanderi Saree. They dazzle you with its incredible lightweight nature and remarkable sheen that comes from the thin silk threads. This is the reason Chanderi Kora Silk Saree remains a popular choice of top designs and true saree lovers. Thinking about investing in these magical drapes? Come, explore the refined silk sarees online at Utsav Fashion.
  • Soft Silk Saree:

    Captivating women since ages, soft silk saree are the timeless drapes. They are soft, flowy, lustrous, and fine like a dream. Many honor them by calling it a great substitute for Kanjivaram saree. It’s true to some extent. Soft silk sarees offer a similar appeal and are ideal for everyday wear and special occasions. Shop the most regal ones from Utsav Fashion’s wonderful collection of soft silk sarees online.
  • Handloom Silk Saree:

    Fancying elegance traversing through heritage? Make sure to generously invest in rich and appealing Handloom Silk Sarees. They are adored by saree connoisseurs. Merging brilliant artistry with impeccable weaves, Handloom Silk Sarees are the true representation of the timeless culture and traditions. At Utsav Fashion, we have curated a fine collection of handloom sarees that redefine grace.
  • South Silk Saree:

    Embrace the essence of South India with sparkling south silk sarees. Their hallmark is the incredible craftsmanship and everlasting elegance. Woven with pure silk threads and featuring exquisite motifs and zari, our pure silk sarees make for a foolproof choice for a grand statement. At Utsav Fashion, we pamper with you an awe-inspiring range of South Silk Sarees online in multitude of colors and designs. Wear these South Indian wedding saree to reflect your love for legendary craftsmanship.
  • Embroidered Silk Saree:

    Looking for a remarkable embroidered silk saree for a wedding? Shop enchanting embroidered silk sarees blending the magic of woven silk threads and lustrous embroideries. They are truly extraordinary and make for a flawless choice to flaunt at special occasions, festivities, and celebrations. Browse through a wide spectrum of colors and designs of embroidery saree to match with your personality.
  • Rajasthani Silk Saree:

    Light and breezy, Rajasthan Silk Saree win hearts with their vibrant look and unique textures. The most popular of them is a Kota Silk Saree. These striking drapes overwhelm with an enticing blend of traditional techniques and modern flair. They are renowned for bagru block printing, and gotta patti intricately used to create floral and paisley motifs. At Utsav Fashion, discover a wide-ranging collection of Kota silk sarees online and many other Rajasthani Silk Sarees like Leheriya saree.
  • Printed Sarees Silk Saree:

    Seeking a perfect saree for casual events? Shop the most magnificent ones from Utsav Fashion’s Printed Silk Sarees. Strewn with the liveliest prints stretching from floral to abstract, our Printed Silk Sarees remain a big hit among millennials. Choose from Tussar Silk Printed Sarees, Patola Silk, Satin Silk, or Cotton Silk Sarees in ample colors, designs, and styles.
  • Woven Silk Saree:

    The woven sarees at Utsav Fashion truly celebrate the brilliant weaving techniques. From manually to machine woven, and from modern to traditional, choose from our marvelous range. They are luxe, resplendent, and look regal at all kinds of occasions. Find your favorite shade and design from a rich tapestry, thoughtfully curated to meet the fashion needs of every woman. Come, explore the finest woven silk saree.
  • Ombre Silk Saree:

    Want to embrace the Ombre trend? There’s nothing better than Utsav Fashion’s Ombre Silk Sarees to rock it in the most amazing way. We have some breathtaking styles and designs of Ombre Silk Sarees in store for you. Easily sort your favorite color, design, work, and price range to find the best match for yourself.
  • Half and Half Silk Saree:

    Offering the best of both worlds, traditional half sarees can instantly double the grace. Wear it at a party, festive celebration, or a wedding event, your half and half silk saree will surely earn you tons of compliments. At Utsav Fashion, we have curated a magnificent range of Half and Half Silk Sarees in a wide ranging colors and designs. Choose your favorite color with the help of the filters and easily find your new favorite silk saree.
  • Pre-Stitched Silk Saree:

    Our readymade silk sarees cut draping time to 30 seconds. Also known as Pre-stitched silk sarees, they are loved by women of all ages. Our Pre-stitched silk sarees come in a large variety of designs, such as half and half, kota silk, banarasi, kanchipuram, rajasthani, and more. A lover of prints, woven, or embroideries? There is a pre stitched saree for one and all.

Why Utsav Fashion Is the Best Place to Buy Pure Silk Saree?

Silk sarees are timeless. They are long-term investments that can be worn at multiple events. Today, there are countless options available online. It can be daunting to choose the most graceful silk saree online.

Here are some great tips to select the refined silk saree from Utsav Fashion to look breathtaking whenever you drape it.

  • Decide what type of silk saree you are looking for. The right type will help you decide the kind of look and feel.
  • For a grand and traditional touch, Utsav Fashion offers you suitable filters to select the type. Conveniently pick from pure silk Banarasi, Kanchipuram, or Soft Silk Sarees.
  • If you are looking for a light and airy look, select from Utsav Fashion’s kota silk or organza silk sarees.
  • Determine the occasion - wedding, casual, party, or festivity. Choose the suitable filter from Utsav Fashion and shop accordingly. We have an exclusive collection of festivals, special and party sarees.
  • No matter if you are a fan of embroidery or woven silk sarees. Utsav Fashion pampers you with a curated collection for both.
  • Additionally, we offer umpteen colors, ranging from solid to pastels. Be it red, blue, green, yellow, gold, or beige, simply sort your favorite color and there you have a fine range of the chosen shade.
  • We care for your budget too. There is an assorted range of silk sarees in different price ranges. Pick yours and shop within the budget you have decided.
  • Not only this, Utsav Fashion ensures a right fit, 24/7 customer support, helpful refund policy, and doorstep delivery for every silk saree online buyer.

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How do I know if my saree is pure silk?

There are many ways to access the purity of silk. First one is the warmth test. You can check the pure silk by rubbing your fingers on it. It should feel warm, soft, and smooth to touch. Another way is to do a luster test. Pure silk reflects multiple hues from various angles. Other prominent ways are ring test and weave test.

What is the difference between a tissue saree and silk saree?

Silk sarees are heavy in nature. They have a natural sheen and are opaque in appearance. It can be slightly difficult to drape silk saree. Tissue silk saree, on the other hand, is lightweight and translucent. They can be draped with less effort.

Which silk saree is the highest quality silk?

Pathani kurta for men has a unique look and it is mostly shorter than a normal kurta. They come with shoulder straps and end at the knees. Pathani Suits are monotone that means both Pathani Kurta for men and its shalwar or pajama come in one color. Normal Kurtas, on the other hand, are a bit longer.

How do I know if my saree is pure silk?

It’s easy. There are many ways to determine the purity of a silk saree. Warmth test, luster test, weave test, and ring test are the different tests you can perform to check.

What is pure silk saree called?

In India, different states are popular for different silks. They all have unique names for pure silk saree that belong to their state. South India Konrad, Mysore, Uppda, Kanjeevaram Silk, Chettinad, and Pochampally saree are the pure silk sarees.

Is pure silk soft or hard?

Pure silk feels soft to touch. It has a smooth texture and natural sheen. Silk is known for its strong natural threads. On the contrary, synthetic silk feels slippery and extremely smooth.
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