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Patola Silk Sarees

Want to Enhance Your Ethnic Glamor? Buy Patola Silk Sarees Online

Patola silk sarees are associated with tradition and royalty. Made with an expensive silk, they are a pure luxury. Produced in a place called Patan, Patola silk sarees are known for their high quality. The material is absolutely fantastic, and with the precision of expert weavers, these are the best silk sarees produced here. Each saree takes about 4-6 months depending on the design complexity and the skills.

Patola silk sarees are one of the finest quality handloom made garments in India. It is widely known for the myriad color options available and has been around since times immemorial. Beautiful geometrical designs on Patola silk sarees catch the attention of buyers. No doubt they are known as the “pride of Gujarat”. Basic design motifs of animals, birds, flowers and human figures are used in them. Recent designs include geometrical designs on these cotton sarees, that are different from the age old Muslim architecture designs on them. The pallus are detailed and have stunning borders with a variety of colors and textures. These sarees are a symbol of status in the society and depict the beauty along with wealth during special occasions.

Latest fashion Patola silk sarees can be bought from various saree shops across India. But there is an advantage if you buy Patola silk sarees online. Not only does it offer the comfort level of shopping from home and getting it delivered to your desired address, you also find a high range of selections to choose from. You can choose from an exhaustive collection of traditional sarees as well as designer Patola sarees.