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Pashmina Silk Sarees

Buy Pashmina Silk Sarees Online and Stay Fashionable in Winters

If you are looking at silken weaves and soft touch, the plush Pashmina silk sarees are just the right saree drape for you. These nine yard blended fabrics have been an epitome of romanticism for many decades. Pashmina silk sari can be worn at weddings as bridal wear and can even be teamed up with delicate pearls and stones with the wedding lehenga. These sarees tend to be expensive because they are made from some of the choicest silks and cashmere found in the valleys of Kashmir. The famous motifs and floral borders along with but a cones and chinar leaf motifs are indeed spell bounding.

Pashmina silk sarees are woven with fine silks extracted from the wool of the mountain sheep. The fabric is so subtle and smooth that real Pashmina silk saree can be passed through a small finger ring. You can wear Pashmina silk sari for casual and festive occasions. Designed in light colors, these sarees have a casual appeal. However, designers have also experimented with Pashmina silk sarees to make them fit for formal occasions. However, pashmina fabric is usually warm so winters would be the ideal time to wear them. The fibres in the sarees are very small in diameter, thinner and lightweight. So you can wear a soft Pashmina silk saree and not feel heavy at all. The yards seem to envelop your body effortlessly. Every Indian woman yearns for a saree of such fine texture. You can now buy silk sarees online at Utsav Fashion. We also have a large collection of Pashmina silk sarees in different hues for you to choose from!