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Muga Silk Sarees

Dolled Up in Muga Silk Sarees

Muga Silk Sarees originated in Assam and have now become a national style statement for many. These sarees are exclusively produced in Assam and are distinguished by the golden yellow colour of the saree. Glossy fine texture and golden sheen of Muga silk makes it superior from the rest of the Indian silk sarees. The Muga silk sarees’ design is heavier on the pallu or the drape than on the body of the saree. The Muga silk sarees are classified as raw silk as the thread drawn out of the cocoon is not a continuous loom, as is the case with textile silk.

Types of Muga Silk Sarees

Muga silk sarees showcase a number of embroidery patterns woven usually in red and green colored thread on the golden yellow silk. The design can either be simple and finely weaved, giving it an elegant, subtle, traditional and ethnic feel or elaborate in design, giving the wearer a rich and sophisticated look. The ideal accessory to this type of saree is a prominent bindi, whose size is directly proportional to the size of the embroidery on the saree.

Buy Muga Silk Sarees Online from this Exclusive Collection

Muga silk sarees are considered a luxury in India and is considered as an heirloom piece because of its rich weaves, golden yellow color and fine texture. Though Muga Silk Sarees are only produced in Assam, but now you can also own this graceful saree design without much hassle. With emergence of new shopping websites, one can easily buy Muga silk sarees online that looks fabulous and gives off an intellectual, graceful vibe. To buy Muga silk sarees online doesn’t mean one has to compromise on the quality of silk. There are a plethora of options to explore in Assam Muga silk sarees online. Getting a perfect Muga silk saree look needs to be accompanied by the perfect accessory and jewelry. A brocade clutch, potli bag and traditional Indian jewelry will go with your exquisite saree perfectly.