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Mirror Work Saree

Buy Mirror Work Sarees Online for All Occasions

It is a fact that sarees can never go out of fashion. Sarees are as old as the Indus Valley Civilization and have evolved over the years. With every new season, this traditional attire is turning more stunning and sensuous. They are no longer plain boring nine yards of cloth. Fashion designers today have reinvented sarees by spicing them up with different materials, textures and designs. One of the most traditional but famous forms of this beautiful attire is mirror work sarees. These sarees tend to have an intricate design, which adds to the appeal of the sarees. Mirror work sarees are affordable and look appealing. They are head turners so you can conveniently wear them to a party or any other special occasion. It has become a must-have piece for fashionable women of today.

Choosing a saree with mirror work is now easy because you can buy a variety of them online. It’s a great idea to buy mirror work sarees online because it is convenient and you get a wide variety of options to choose from. Sparkling mirrors are used on the indian wedding sarees to add a distinct appeal. Pieces of mirror are embroidered into the material using bright colored thread work. They are embedded into the fabric and the style of the saree to create striking patterns and designs. A popular form of embroidery in Gujarat and Rajasthan, Mirror Work sarees look stunning on women of all ages.

Mirror work is fast becoming a part of Designer sarees. Sonali Bendre was recently spotted wearing a Mirror Work satin saree with velvet accents. Handicraft sarees such as Bandhni sarees, Lehariya sarees and mirror work sarees have become a favorite among stylish women across the globe. Team them up with stunning mirror work bags, which are a style essential for those who love Indian handicrafts.