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Maheshwari Sarees

Traditional Maheshwari Sarees for Your Heritage Wardrobe

Maheshwari handloom saree is one of the staple sarees that complete your heritage wardrobe. Created in the town of Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh, Maheshwari are marked for its reversible border. They’re designed in such a way that one saree can be worn from both sides. It is known as Bugdi.

Variety of Hues and Designs

We’ve have a great variety of maheshwari cotton sarees in lovely shades. From pastels to pink, and from yellow to peach, you’ve ample of choices for your every mood and occasion. You can also find a slew of dark shades, such as red, maroons, purple, black, and green.

Maheshwari sarees come with a variety of designs. Subtle plain drapes are your go-to statement for casual times when you want to dress elegantly and effortlessly. They’re also known as Chandrakala and Baingani Chandrakala. Spruce it with a pair of golden earrings, and a bangle set. Or pick a striped or checkered maheshwari saree for that sought-after flamboyance on your birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. These sarees are quite popular and have unique names such as Chandratara, Beli, and Parbi.

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