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Kerala Kasavu Sarees

Kerala Kasavu Saree - The Enchanting Indian Ethnic For Festive Occasions

The Kerala Kasavu Saree is a hugely popular traditional saree that represents the beautiful state of Kerala and its rich culture. The highlight of this magnificent garment is the saree border, a dazzling golden thread work that makes the Kerala Kasavu saree one of the best regional Indian sarees. These timeless sarees have a long history, are considered auspicious and and are worn by women during Kerala’s New Year. The sarees are well known for being hand woven with off white or cream color cotton threads.

Kerala Kasavu Sarees - A Distinct Design Appeal

White and gold is always considered a traditional combination and is uniquely blended in the creation of Kerala Kasavu Sarees. Made with the use of off-white cotton, Kerala Kasavu Sarees have a classic traditional appeal. Gold zari work has primarily been used to create an exciting pattern on the border of the Banarasi silk saree. The brocade work on the bridal saree works as a fine accent that accentuates the richness of the attire. The border is an important part of the saree. A well-designed border gives a royal and unique appeal to the saree.

Kerala Kasavu sarees, like other festive sarees, are worn during important festivals and religious events. Many artists and designers are working to help the traditional weave grow and are giving it a modern twist. They are experimenting with different weaves, colors, and designs. The weaving process of this saree type has now evolved from the traditional method where the golden zari threads are used along with a variety of designs, works and zari colors to bring more contemporary diversity.

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