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Kasab Work Sarees

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Magic of Kasab Work Saree

A Kasab Work Saree is a six to nine yards drape that features beautiful and detailed motifs created using a special kind of embroidery called kasab work. The thread used for this particular style of embroidery is usually colored silver, golden or copper as it stands out well and makes one wearing a kasab work saree look gorgeous. There are a plethora of embroidery styles in India and kasab work sarees have managed to stake its claim as one of the most popular styles. Elaborate motifs on a kasab work saree make it the perfect banarasi saree for ceremonial and festive dressing. The grandeur and elegance of this saree makes it stand apart and hence was once were adorned by the royalty of the country.

Types of Kasab Saree

A Kasab work saree is generally done on a variety of fabrics, like chiffon, georgette, crepe or light weight cotton, although now designers have creating kasab work embroidery on other fabrics as well. As for the embroidery work, the colour of the thread is usually matched well with the color of the fabric on which kasab work is done, and also depends on the design of the motif being used.

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