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Baluchari Sarees

Buy Baluchari Sarees Online and Get the Rich, Royal Look

Get a taste of the affluent and rich culture of East India with Baluchari sarees. These sarees originated in Bengal and they are primarily worn by the women of West Bengal and other neighboring regions such as Bangladesh. However, soon enough, people from all over the country were attracted to Baluchari sarees. Worn mostly by women from zamindar families of Bengal at special ceremonies, Baluchari sarees are considered a status symbol of being affluent and prosperous. One of the most steeply-priced sarees, these are only made using the most expensive silks. Believed to be as old as the ancient epic Ramayana, these sarees are reminiscent of the traditional era of India and truly represent royalty. This Indian outfit has undergone several changes since then. They were modified during the times of the Mughals and Britishers. Irrespective of changes, they always remained an attire of the rich. The Baluchari sarees of today have a square pallu and are polished after weaving. Designs and patterns of Baluchari Sarees vary heavily and designers are always experimenting with this style to come up with something unique.

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