Art Silk Sarees

Art silk sarees are popular among women for their affordability, durability, and easy maintenance. A great alternative to traditional silk sarees, they offer a similar look and feel but at a lower cost. Vibrant-hued art silks with prints or embroidery are much loved.
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  1. Embroidered Organza Silk Saree in Sky Blue
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  2. Woven Viscose Silk Saree Cream
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  3. Woven Art Silk Saree in Yellow
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  4. Woven Art Silk Saree in Sea Green
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  5. Woven Art Silk Saree in Magenta
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  6. Woven Art Silk Saree in Light Purple
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  7. Woven Viscose Silk Saree Black
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  8. Woven Art Silk Saree in Orange
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  9. Woven Art Silk Saree in Magenta
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  10. Woven Satin Silk Saree in Dark Teal Green
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  11. Woven Viscose Silk Saree Fuchsia
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  12. Woven Viscose Silk Saree Dark Green
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  13. Woven Art Silk Saree in Old Rose
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  14. Woven Art Silk Saree in Black
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  15. Woven Art Silk Saree in Dark Green
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  16. Woven Art Silk Saree in Magenta
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  17. Woven Viscose Silk Saree Fuchsia
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  18. Woven Art Silk Saree Wine
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    Woven Art Silk Saree Wine

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  19. Woven Art Silk Saree in Off White and Blue
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  20. Woven Viscose Silk Saree Purple
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  21. Woven Art Silk Saree in Light Blue
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  22. Woven Art Silk Saree Green
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    Woven Art Silk Saree Green

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  23. Kanchipuram Saree in Golden and Silver Dual Tone
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  24. Woven Art Silk Saree Light Green
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The origin of Silk Sarees can be traced back to ancient India, where Silk production and weaving techniques were initiated. The Art of creating Silk fabric was introduced to India around 2000 BCE. It became an integral part of Indian textiles over time. Today, Designer Silk Sarees and Art Silk Sarees are equally appreciated, they symbolise traditional attire for Indian women and are worn at various special religious ceremonies, weddings & festivals. The beautiful designs, shiny colours, and luxurious texture of Silk Sarees make them a popular choice for grand events of course. They are often adorned with charming embroidery and zari work sometimes. Online platforms have made it easier for people to explore and purchase Silk Sarees. Online Art Silk Sarees are super easy to get and well as exchange or return, in case of no customer satisfaction.

The incomparable range of Silk Fancy Sarees at Utsav Fashions offers is all that you need for upcoming happy events. Sprinkle your grace with the beautiful Woven Art Silk Saree in Charcoal Black. Do you prefer mild shades? Attend your next wedding and steal the spotlight with an elegant Banarasi Saree in Cream or Ikat Printed Art Silk Saree in Light Grey.

Exploring the Beauty of Art Silk Fabric

Art Silk is a short form of Artificial Silk. It is a synthetic fibre that imitates the luxury of natural Silk while being more affordable and accessible. The magnetism of Designer Silk Saree and Art Silk Saree lies not only in their lustrous texture but also in the wide range of beautiful designs that adorn them. These Sarees have gained immense popularity among modern women because of their Versatility. Art Silk Sarees are crafted with high precision and combine traditional weaving techniques with contemporary patterns.

The availability of Online Art Silk Sarees has made it more convenient for women to fill their closets with these traditional Silk assets. Art Silk Sarees are in huge demand especially when a festival is around. Along with this, women of different age groups prefer these Sarees for weddings and other celebrations, due to the availability of a huge variety of colours and patterns.

Popular Types of Art Silk Sarees

Banarasi Art Silk Saree:

The Banarasi Art Silk Saree is a choice for classic style lovers. These Varanasi-originated Sarees boast traditionally charming designs, often made from gold or silver threadwork. These Sarees are highly sought-after for weddings and special occasions due to their all-time grace that enhances the beauty of Indian women adopting cultural attire.

Kanchipuram Art Silk Saree:

The Art Silk used in beautiful Kanchipuram Sarees is skillfully dyed considering the durability of colours. The Saree is adorned with patterns like peacocks and temples that highly resemble Indian culture. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, the Kanchipuram Art Silk Saree is renowned for its rich texture and vibrant shades.

Mysore Art Silk Saree:

Mysore Art Silk Sarees are famous for simple yet unique designs, making them suitable for both formal and casual events. This asset of Mysore is known for its soft and smooth texture.

Bhagalpuri Art Silk Saree:

Bhagalpuri Art Silk Saree is a lightweight Saree that is perfect for summer events and ensures a high-level of grace to the attire. The variety is skillfully handwoven using Art Silk, giving them distinct appeal.

Chanderi Art Silk Saree:

Chanderi Art Silk Sarees are the cultural resemblance of Chanderi located in Madhya Pradesh. The Artists blend the richness of Art Silk with the rich quality of Chanderi fabric. The Chanderi Saree is known for its clarity and charming woven patterns.

Tussar Art Silk Saree:

Tussar Art Silk Saree is crafted using Tussar Silk which is a textured and lightweight variety of Silk. The fabric's natural dull gold touch is responsible for the grace of the Saree, making it ideal for casual as well as semi-formal occasions.

Art Silk Bandhani Saree:

The Art Silk Bandhani Saree is a colourful style from Rajasthan and Gujarat. Bandhani is a tie-dye technique that creates beautiful patterns. The Saree often has bright colours and is decorated with contrasting borders.

Patola Art Silk Saree:

Patola Art Silk Sarees are a masterpiece from Patan in Gujarat. These Sarees are known for their double ikat weaving technique. Both the warp and weft threads are dyed before weaving. This results in stunning symmetrical patterns and bright colours.

Art Silk Printed Saree:

Art Silk stylish printed Sarees come in a flooded variety of designs, colours, and patterns. These Sarees are versatile and suitable for various occasions. The printing process provides an allowance for the endless creativity of floral, geometric, and abstract designs.

Art Silk Designer Saree:

Art Silk designer Sarees combine creativity and craftsmanship to produce exclusive and unique attire. Fashion designers experiment with various fabrics, colours as well as decoratives to create one-of-a-kind Art Silk Sarees.

Styling Tips: How to Wear and Drape Art Silk Sarees

  • Preparation:

    Make sure you got the fitting blouse, petticoat, and matching jewellery ready before draping the Art Silk Saree.
  • Tuck the Saree:

    Tuck the plain end of the Saree into the petticoat at the navel and wrap it around the waist. Ensure a snug fit.
  • Pleat the Saree:

    Create pleats evenly and make sure they face towards the left. Adjust the pleats to the desired length. Secure them accurately using a safety pin.
  • Drape the Pallu:

    Take the pallu of the Saree and bring it around the waist from the back to the front over the left shoulder. Allow the pallu to fall gracefully over the left arm.
  • Pinning the Pallu:

    Use a decorative brooch or safety pin to secure the pallu to the blouse on the left shoulder. This will prevent it from slipping.
  • Adjustment and Final Touches:

    Ensure the Saree is draped neatly and evenly without any creases. Make any necessary adjustments to the pleats and pallu. Tuck in any loose ends securely.
  • Blouse Styling:

    The blouse style can significantly impact the overall look. Choose a blouse design that complements the Saree, and ensure it fits well and enhances your body shape.
  • Accessories:

    Complete the look with matching jewellery, such as earrings, necklaces, bangles, and a bindi. Go with footwear that complements the Saree and is comfortable to wear.
  • Hairstyle:

    Make a hairstyle that complements the Saree. Classic hairstyles like buns or loose curls work well with traditional Art Silk Sarees.
  • Confidence is a Must:

    Wear the Art Silk Saree with high confidence. The way you carry yourself will enhance your poise.

Maintaining and Caring for Art Silk Sarees

  • Read Care Instructions:

    Begin by carefully reading and understanding the care instructions provided by the manufacturer or seller. Different Art Silk Sarees may have specific requirements.
  • Gentle Handwashing:

    Handwashing is usually the best method to maintain the quality of Art Silk Sarees. Use lukewarm water and a mild detergent specifically formulated for delicate fabrics.
  • Avoid Soaking:

    Avoid soaking Art Silk Sarees for too long. Instead, gently agitate the Saree in soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

    Avoid using harsh chemicals or strong detergents. They can damage the fabric and affect its colour and texture.
  • Drying Carefully:

    Gently squeeze out excess water without wringing the Saree after the wash. Lay it flat on a clean and dry towel and roll the towel to absorb any remaining moisture. Air dries the Saree away from direct sunlight.
  • Ironing:

    Iron the Art Silk Saree on a low or medium heat setting while it is still a little wet. Use a pressing cloth to protect the fabric and prevent heat damage.
  • Storage:

    Store Art Silk Sarees in a clean and dry place. Avoid folding them for longer spans to prevent creasing. Avoid Contact with Perfumes and Deodorants: Avoid spraying perfumes or deodorants directly on the Saree They can stain or damage the fabric.
  • Professional Cleaning:

    Consider taking it to a professional dry cleaner if your Art Silk Saree has embroidery or other work.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Purchasing Art Silk Sarees

  • Quality:

    Check the quality of the Art Silk fabric properly. Look for known sellers or brands famous for their high-quality Art Silk Sarees. Check for smooth texture and finish weaving.
  • Design and Patterns:

    Check the different collections of Art Silk Sarees. Choose as per your style and the occasion you are going to attend wearing the Saree. Pick the patterns and colours that meet your preferences.
  • Budget:

    Set a budget for your Art Silk Saree shopping whether online or offline. Art Silk Sarees offer an affordable alternative to pure Silk and prices can vary based on the quality and brand. Maintain a balance between your budget and your expectations.
  • Authenticity:

    Make sure that the Art Silk Saree you choose is genuine and not a duplicate of your preferred collection. Purchase from trusted sources to avoid fake or low-quality Saree.
  • Customer Reviews:

    Read customer reviews and feedback about the Art Silk Saree and the seller. This can provide valuable insights into the quality of the saree and the service of the seller regarding exchange and return.
  • Size and Length:

    Examine the size and length of the Art Silk Saree. It should always fit your body comfortably. The length should be appropriate for your height and favourite draping style.
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