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Arani Silk Saree: A Saree with Two Striking Pallus

Draping arani silk saree is like wearing a lustrous nine yard wonder that narrates a tale of a small town called Arani in Tamil Nadu - tales of the Dravidian heritage and tales of the hardwork of the weavers and craftsmen. It’s one of the special Indian sarees in India. Featuring two unique pallus, they offer a variety of two different sarees. Yeah! This is what we call the best of both worlds.

Must be wishing for some arani in your heritage wardrobe? Don’ fret you are at the right place at the right time. At Utsavfashion, you get the finest of Arani silk sarees that are intricately woven by the weavers in Tamil Nadu, India. They’re soft as a daffodil's petals and durable as denim. Most of them are refined pieces that boast of fascinating motifs and rich Dravidian heritage of India. Be it your wedding, 25th anniversary or any special occasion, you can always trust arani silk saree for the grand look.

Arani Silk Sarees – Curated Collection For You

An exclusively curated collection of arani silk sarees is here at your disposal. Find your fave color from our diverse colour palette and your fave designs and patterns. We’ve handpicked different sarees for all occasions, such as wedding, festivities, and parties. Come take your pick, get your blouse customized from the Indian tailors, and flaunt your pure arani silk saree from India.
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