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Aari Work Sarees

Dress Up in Royal Style with Aari Work Sarees

If you are one for ethnic Indian wear, Aari work sarees will charm you. They are designed on a frame that resembles a cot in which the thread work is done with a special needle that has a hook at the end. Artisans of the Mughal era were masters at designing intricate embroidery pieces. One of the most artistic needlework done by them was Aari and it has remained mainstream for artisans even today. Aari is a type of delicate embroidery done with gold and silver threads. Aari work sarees were made on a stiff frame called khatia during 12th century Mughal era. Today, designers are using a modernized version of this embroidery to adorn formal sarees and casual sarees. The use of metallic threads along with coloured thread work continues. Fashionable Indian women like to collect and buy Aari work sarees that require seasoned artisans to work on it with a hooked needle.

These women sarees have become famous among the ladies for its thread work, beautiful designs and needlework. Done especially by hand, this Indian embroidery is usually done to create poetic motifs such as floral designs or bird figures. Hyderabad, Lucknow, Rajasthan, Kutch, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi are known for their Aari work sarees. These Indian sarees are intricately designed and finely embroidered. Also called khatla work, aari sarees are popularly being designed as wedding wear, party wear and evening wear. Most of the sarees are further adorned with accessories such as beads, sequins or gota patti. Many fashion designers have also inculcated this art into their work.

You can now buy Aari work sarees online at Utsav Fashion. Combine it with a bag or Indian jewellery of your choice to make a striking style statement. So, are you ready to sizzle this wedding season?