Indian Clothes & Dresses - New Arrivals

Newly arrived Indian wear for weddings boasts of vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and modern designs. Women can choose the latest lehengas, sarees, shararas and gowns, while there are regal choices for men and children. These outfits and wedding jewelry cater to the entire family attending an Indian wedding.
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  1. Embroidered Pure Crepe Pakistani Suit in Cream
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  2. Embroidered Net Lehenga in Olive Green
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  3. Embroidered Art Silk Sherwani in Blue Ombre
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  4. Stone Studded Necklace Set
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  5. Embroidered Net Lehenga in Greyish Blue
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  6. Woven Art Silk Jacquard Sherwani in Black and Off White
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  7. Embroidered Net Lehenga in Navy Blue
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  8. Stone Studded Necklace Set
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  9. Embroidered Art Chinon Silk Pakistani Suit in Teal Green
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  10. Bandhej Printed Art Silk Lehenga in Purple
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  11. Hand Embroidered Art Silk Kurta Set in Grey
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  12. Lace Embellished Art Silk Blouse in Orange
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  13. Woven Art Silk Saree in Magenta
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  14. Embroidered Net Abaya Style Suit in Sea Green
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  15. Embroidered Art Silk Jacquard Crop Top Set in Dusty Green
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  16. Embroidered Art Silk Sherwani in Old Rose
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  17. Embroidered Chinon Silk Pakistani Suit in Pink
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  18. Bandhej Printed Art Silk Lehenga in Brown
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  19. Embroidered Art Silk Sherwani in Dusty Purple
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  20. Embroidered Georgette Lehenga in Dark Green
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  21. Embroidered Net Blouse in White
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    Embroidered Net Blouse in White
    As low as $60.00
  22. Woven Art Silk Saree in Orange
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  23. Embroidered Georgette Crop Top Set in Fuchsia
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  24. Embroidered Art Silk Sherwani in Light Blue
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Indian clothes are about the combination of tradition and elegance that suit the atmosphere of various occasions. For women, sarees and lehengas are perfect for weddings and festivals, while salwar kameez suits casual gatherings. Men can go for Indian clothes like Sherwanis at weddings and kurta pajamas for festivities. They also prefer to wear dhoti kurtas for cultural events. These Indian outfits capture the essence of celebrations and heritage.

Explore Different Types of Latest Designer Indian Clothes

  • Fashion Diversity:

    Researching and exploring various designer Indian clothes allows you to stay aware of the latest fashion trends of ethnicity. There is always a perfect outfit for a particular event.
  • Cultural Significance:

    The deep roots of Indian tradition are reflected by its clothing diversity. Diving deep while exploring the range of Indian men's and women's outfits provides knowledge of different customs and traditions.
  • Versatility:

    Different collections in Indian wear are perfect for daily wear to grand occasions. The versatility of Indian outfits makes them highly preferred by people.
  • Global Appeal:

    Indian fashion is a known thing at the global level now. Checking out more designer Indian outfits allows trend enthusiasts to carry the charm ensured by this collection of ethnic apparel.

Find the Best Indian Clothes for Men

Indian clothes for men are considered the game changer in terms of wearing confidence and enhancing poise. Outfits like Sherwanis and Nehru Jackets are carefully designed by experts keeping in mind the standards of perfection. Come explore some of the Indian clothes for men:

  • Sherwani:

    Sherwanis are most of the time made from luxurious fabrics that ensure a high level of charm as you walk. The attire is preferred at weddings or cultural events where one feels to carry a majestic look.
  • Bandhgala:

    Bandhgala suits are recognized and loved for their high collars and buttoned style. They reflect endless elegance that makes the attire perfect for formal events due to its finesse.
  • Kurta Pajama:

    Kurta pajamas are worn for great comfort without decreasing the ethnic style. The outfit is available in various fabrics and shades. This set is perfect for festive events as well as wedding functions.
  • Dhoti:

    Dhotis represent traditional Indian glances of men's wear and also depict cultural roots. Their combination with Kurta makes the attire perfect for religious ceremonies.
  • Turban:

    A turban is no less than a crown when worn with men's ethnic Indian attires like Kurta Pajamas and Sherwanis. It ensures standardized royalty at various events like wedding receptions or themed parties.
  • Nehru Jacket:

    Nehru Jacket is a friend for Kurta Pajamas or shirts. It is one of the most versatile outfits that put on magic to common Indian men’s clothes.
  • Pathani Suit:

    Pathani suits offer and highlight masculine charm with their straight-cut form. The attire is a combination of Afghan styling and Indian ethnicity.

Utsav Fashion Has the Best Women’s Indian Clothes

Go through our collection that is available to put some more grace into women’s natural beauty. Utsav Fashion is the most loved platform to avail of ethnic clothes as well as the best jewelry accessories.

  • Saree:

    The Saree does not need to be defined anymore as it is one of the most famous pieces that speaks for the Indian feminine beauty. Utsav Fashion has a vast collection available that comprises daily wear georgette and cotton sarees as well as luxury bestowing silk sarees and much more.
  • Salwar Kameez:

    The sets of Salwar Kameez available on the platform are more comfortable and versatile. They are perfect for occasions like weddings and festive parties.
  • Lehenga:

    There are endless sets of Lehengas available for customers. The variety comprises different patterns, shades, and work.
  • Indowestern:

    Utsav Fashion is a popular platform for getting unique Indowestern dresses for women. Women constantly order them for cocktail parties and themed gatherings.
  • Pakistani Suit:

    The range of Pakistani Suit presented by Utsav Fashion is admired for the flowing style and detailed embroidery of the attire. They are perfect for grand wedding entries and award Galas.
  • Blouse:

    Blouses are known for escalating the charm of Sarees and skirts. The designer range of Blouses offered by Utsav Fashion is preferred for its unique patterns and shades.
  • Palazzo Pants:

    Palazzo Pants are perfect for long kurtas as well as short Kurtis. The refined design Palazzos available at Utsav Fashion online platform are made from the highest quality fabric that ensures complete comfort as well as versatile styling.
  • Indian Jewelry:

    Indian Jewelry pieces like necklaces and earrings that are available at the platform are loved for their unique designs. These effectively complete the looks women carry through Indian ethnic clothes.

Designer Indian Clothes for Every Occasion/Event

Escalate your style by wearing Designer Indian Clothes which are perfect for traditional and casual events. Check out some of the occasions where traditional attire assets can be carried:

  • Weddings:

    Indian weddings demand luxurious and sparkling outfits to steal the spotlight in the crowd. Designer clothes like sarees or Anarkalis are perfect for wedding events for women. Men can register their presence with Dhoti Kurtas and Sherwanis.
  • Festivals:

    Festivals in India like Diwali and Eid are incomplete without traditional or Designer Indian clothes. One must select fusion dresses or completely cultural outfits as per the occasion’s atmosphere.
  • Parties and Receptions:

    Indowestern clothes such as Bandhgala for men and fusion long skirts for women are more than perfect for parties and receptions. They ensure a confident movement and reflect your unique sense of attire.
  • Cultural Events:

    Cultural events speak for the history and culture of our country. Wear a Banarasi saree or Pathani suit on such occasions. These outfits are originally traditional and this makes them suitable for cultural events.
  • Formal Gatherings:

    Formal gatherings demand simplicity and grace together. Go for silk sarees and classic kurta pajama sets in muted colors for such occasions.

These Accessories Will Match with Your Indian Outfits

Various accessories make you shine at different events and complement your Indian outfits. They complete your attire and bring the spotlight to you. Explore the below accessories:

  • Signature Jewelry:

    Kundan Necklaces and signature Jhumkas are examples of jewelry pieces that upgrade Indian outfits for women.
  • Turban:

    A turban is one of the assets that glorifies ethnic men's clothes. It is considered a crown with traditional dresses and its different patterns represent various cultures.
  • Clutches:

    Embellished or embroidered clutches are perfect to be carried with Indian outfits such as Lehenga Cholis and Sarees.
  • Watches:

    Modern design or ethnic pattern watches upgrade the look of Indian outfits for men and women both. They escalate the beauty of the wrist and attract the eyes.
  • Potli Bags:

    Potli bags with Indian patterns or cultural embroidery and beadwork are perfect companions for Indian attire. These drawstring pouches ensure a vintage charm and can hold your essentials while smoothly mixing with your outfit.

Why Choose Utsav Fashion For Indian Clothes Online Shopping?

  • Exclusive and Wide Variety:

    Utsav Fashion deals in a wide variety of Indian Outfits for men and women. Such exclusive designs and patterns are not available anywhere.
  • Easy Navigation:

    The website of Utsav Fashion has very easy as well as smooth navigation. Just some clicks and your order is placed and paid.
  • Qualitative Outfits:

    The fabric and embellishments used for the Indian outfits available at the Utsav Fashion platform are high in quality. Even the threads used in stitching and embroidery are of fine grade.
  • Quick Shipment:

    The deliveries of the orders placed at Utsav Fashion are completed rapidly. Customers can easily track their orders on the website and also can contact customer care executives for the same.
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