Shipping Delay due to Covid Restrictions | Read More


We'll tide over this together..

The unforeseen and unprecedented surge in Covid cases across India has led to the imposition of governmental restrictions at all levels.

Naturally, we are taking stock of the situation at our end. Owing to the curbs, the delivery of our Ready to Ship items will be delayed by 6-10 days and will not be shipped in 1 day as mentioned on the product page.

However, we have already factored in the delay in the time to ship for our other items. So any order, other than 1-day items, that you place with us will be shipped as per the Time to Ship mentioned on the product page only.

We apologize for the delay in shipping and will be going all out to meet festive deadlines. A major chunk of the orders placed with us are packed and ready, and we shall ship them out immediately after the restrictions are relaxed.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Now's the time to be fashionable, coz fashion can cheer the spirits as nothing can!