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Turban for Men

Ethnic Appeal of Men’s Turbans

One of the long standing customs in India is that of men wearing turbans for weddings. Always worn with Indian outfits, men’s turbans are usually clubbed with the indian sherwani, the most popular Indian wedding attire for men, though they can be worn with other Indian outfits like kurtas or dhotis. You will find simple men’s turbans with minimal designs as well as elaborately designed turbans with intricate ethnic patterns. The latter are inspired by the fashion traditions of the royal families of India and hence add a regal feel to any ethnic men’s outfit. Wearing a male Indian turban is not just about following custom, though, as it lends a certain debonair gravitas to any Indian men’s outfit. The men’s turban hat is a classic Indian head wrap which is a necessary accessory at any Indian wedding.

Buy Men's Turban Online

For varieties in men's turban head wraps, and at reasonable prices, buy men's turbans online at Utsav Fashion. They offer a range of options in a variety of fabrics, including art silk, poly silk, brocade, crushed silk and much more. You’ll find stone-studded turbans, turbans with pearl chains, bullion turbans and zari work turbans. Opt for luxurious fabrics like brocade and traditional colors like red or simple ones in shades like white and beige. Utsav Fashion has all these different styles for you to choose from.

Men’s Turban for Special Occasions

The men’s Indian turban costume is meant to be worn with wedding menswear. Pair the turbans in ornate embellishments with zari work sherwanis and remember to avoid any clashes in color. You can also wear turbans with men’s kurtas in plush fabrics and with elaborate Indian designs.