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Dhoti Kurta Menswear

Try Dhoti with Kurta for a Unique New Style

Men's choice in clothes and fashion has always been limited. The kurta pyjama, achkan and men's sherwani have pretty much been the same since, forever. Although western clothing has almost completely replaced men's fashion in India, they still prefer going the traditional way for special occasions like a marriage or puja. The good thing being, that you can now find them in interesting varieties. The humble dhoti with kurta has been reinvented and it's being extensively redesigned to meet standards of new metro sexual man.

Traditionally, men wore a simple dhoti kurta back in the older days. The dhoti with kurta these days have an extensive amount of work done to them, enough to envy a pretty saree. The fancy embroidery and zari work is no longer a woman's preference alone. Men are opting to get such intricate detailing done to their clothes as well. An embroidered pathani suit and zari with dhoti with angavasthram are some of the popular options there.

The dhoti is usually lightweight, but grand enough to have a display factor of its own. The kurta is much more elaborately made and most of them follow a sherwani style. These kurtas are usually long sleeved, and have a high neck. They have immensely beautiful collars and cuffs. A dhoti with kurta is often designed in dual colors, one for the kurta and the other for the designs and the work.

Dhoti with kurta goes well with interesting male accessories. A formal watch and gold bracelet add to the charm. Some even prefer wearing a thin gold chain over it to get a grander look. These dhoti kurtas demand attention everywhere you go. It is now so easy to buy dhoti with kurta online. Utsav Fashion is a one stop shop for your ethnic Indian clothes men requirement. It's a great way to sizzle in style. You simply have to place the order and it will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost! So, are you ready to buy dhoti with kurta online?