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  1. Woven Cotton Dhoti Angavastram Set in Off White
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    Woven Cotton Dhoti Angavastram Set in Off White
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Buy Men’s Angavasthram for Special Occasions

Dress up the bridegroom in style with the Angavastram, which holds a striking combination of simplicity and tradition. Angavastram is essentially a single piece of cloth that is draped over the shoulder or the waist. It is usually paired with a dhoti. At the Utsav Fashion online store, the Indian collection of men’s clothing includes an interesting variety. From kurtas for men to the Nehru jacket and from Breeches men’s clothing to the Jodhpuri pants, there is a lot to choose from.

Angavasthram covers the upper part of your body and gives a traditional look. A dhoti with angavasthram completes the look. It often comes in subtle and soft colors like cream, off white, grey and fawn. There is slight embroidery and zari work done in the edges to make it suitable for weddings and festivals. This interesting outfit is an ideal choice for the young, elderly, bridegroom and even young boys.

With a length and width of about 80*47 inches respectively, Angavastram is used in traditional and modern weddings. It can be folded decoratively around the waist or shoulders to make it look more attractive and easy to carry. It’s considered as an ideal gift for the bridegroom at his wedding or to elderly people. Wedding suits for men when worn with the Angavastram get an interesting new look. It is a great way to add style to your appeal. In Indian weddings, while the bridegroom wears an Angavastram, the bride wears a beautifully draped zari work saree or an embroidered saree.

To buy Angavasthram online, visit our online store and explore a wide variety of zari work and embroidered Angavasthram ready to be worn on special occasions.
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