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Belly Chain

Fashion Fair with Waist Chain Online

Waist chain is the modern term for the Kamarbandh, an ancient Indian woman's accessory worn around the waist, usually with a saree or a lehenga choli. Waist chains in India symbolized women's beauty and affluence and were even worn by men with certain festive outfits. This fashion of wearing Belly chain jewelry from India has since then evolved to become a global phenomenon, a piece of Indian heritage which has been embraced by modern fashionistas around the world. They are usually made out of metal with fine filigree work depicting Indian motifs as well natural themes like flowers, leaves, vines etc. Today Indian waist chains are very popular as bridal, wedding or festival jewelry although they can be used to create glamorous and attractive party looks as well. A waist chain is Indian jewelry crafted using ancient techniques but imminently suited to adorn modern looks as well.

Buy Waist Chains Online

Online shopping does away with a lot of the headaches associated with malls and stores. No waiting in lines, good discounts and great variety are just a few of the advantages you get if you choose to buy waist chains online at Utsav Fashion. Go for a multi-layered red and white crystal adorned belly chain for an ultra-festive look or opt for an elaborate kundan studded waist chain to match a stately bridal saree. You can find further variations in color, with waist chains studded with pearls as well as green, red and white stones available to choose from. Utsav Fashion offers all these excellent choices and on-time delivery to global locations so you can easily buy waist chains online in India and abroad.

Accessorize your Ethnic Looks with These Waist Chains Online

Buy waist chain jewelry from India to add a truly distinctive traditional touch to various Indian outfits. Waist chains will look great with traditional bridal sarees as well as stone-studded lehenga cholis. Zari-embroidered sarees as well as festival sarees can be worn with the traditional ornate waist chains.