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Zodiac Capricorn

Sea Green attires for Capricorn. Shop!

The 'Ladylike' Capricorn

Functional dressing is your forte! You love to get dressed up in styles that are polished and put together. So to flaunt your power of innovation, introduce classics with a twist. Stay true to aesthetics and step up your game with effortless trends. Invest in staples like tailored kurtas, jackets, and structured pants. Go for color-blocking from head to toe. Blushing tones like peach, pink, or fuchsia should be your closet’s mainstay. Be a risk-taker and start experimenting, because you can easily pull it off.
Women’s ensembles, Menswear & Kidswear in Black.
Women’s ensembles, Menswear & Kidswear in Black.