Explore Sarees for Special Occasions

Explore Sarees for Special Occasions

Sarees have been worn in India for many centuries. Even when there was no ‘India’ to speak of, women wore saree dress, or at least an ancient version of this garment. Over the years, the popularity of this garment has increased by leaps and bounds. It began to be worn in almost every corner of the country and quickly became the staple outfit of different communities. India’s vast landscape and varied cultural heritage influenced the development of this garment. Today, there are hundreds of unique varieties of sarees from different regions and communities. The fact that modern designers have embraced it and produced innovative, creative varieties has only added to the roster of amazing choices for women interested in wearing sarees.

While for many women, wearing saris on a regular basis is part and parcel of their life, they are also the favorite ethnic garment for any occasion. This applies to both India and abroad. Since draping and wearing a latest satin saree can be a little bit tricky for people who are not familiar with the methods, many women choose to reserve this elegant outfit for a special day where ethnic dressing is required, or one where they do not want to be a face in the crowd.

Sarees for special occasions are obviously quite different from the ones worn on an everyday basis. These tend to be fancier and more ornate, with a more refined, exclusive look. Of course, even within the category of ‘occasional sarees’, there are many different varieties and types to choose from. Depending on the specific event or occasion, then party wear sarees will have a different aesthetic and feel.

On the simpler side are the sarees for occasions that are meant to be informal gatherings. You have parties, brunches, work events and so on in this context. Herein, a smart but simple outfit would be both flattering and stylish. There are many such options for women to choose from. Printed cotton or faux silk sarees with small but colorful prints and embroidered pallus, digital printed rayon or polyester sarees and pretty jute-cotton or khadi cotton blended sarees would be just a few of the exciting options for semi-formal occasions.

On the other hand, a saree for formal occasions like a business meeting would have to be more sophisticated and subtle. A stiff Tussar silk saree would be a great option for those busy work meetings where looking smart is essential. Cotton, raw silk and chiffon are all suitable fabric options for formal occasions. The designs for such saris are usually quite simple and minimalistic.

The most ornate and beautiful options can be found in the sarees for wedding occasion collections. These are meant to be worn during the wedding and associated events, and are hence equal parts traditional and glamorous. The type worn really depends on the cultural expectations and the kind of occasion it is. For instance, Indian wedding saree for occasion like a cocktail party is generally quite modern and glamorous. Women can get away with daringly cut blouses, trendy, translucent fabrics like supernet and tissue and unusual drapes. On the other hand, for the main wedding ceremony, traditional sarees are the norm. Wedding occasion sarees are often the regional sarees that have been worn by people at weddings for many decades or even centuries. For instance, in Tamil Nadu, Kanchivaram sarees are the norm at the wedding not only for the bride but also for the close friends and family members. In states like Uttar Pradesh and Bengal, Banarasi silk sarees are the norm, while in Gujarat, Panetar or Patola sarees are the most popular.

Of course, there is many a saree for all occasions; such a garment would be versatile enough to complement parties, gatherings, weddings and ceremonies. Certain distinct traditional types like Bandhani sarees, Mysore silk sarees, Chanderi work sarees and Jamdani sarees are all beautiful, comfortable and imminently stylish. They can hence be worn for a variety of special occasions.

Sarees for Special Occasions

When it comes to the saree, special occasion events like weddings are a great place to see the latest fashions and styles. Women take this chance to show off their most beautiful purchases, from the slinky chiffon varieties to the gorgeous lehenga sarees, stylish net saris to the traditional silk sarees. However, to pull off an occasional saree, you need to focus on something more than the garment. The sari blouse, jewelry and accessories have to be carefully chosen to match the saree ensemble. For instance, with an ornate brocade saree, a simple silk blouse and some pretty Kundan jewelry would be the best bet. This look will be perfect for most weddings and ceremonial events. For a party or a festival occasion, saree styles are usually more modern and daring. Such contemporary saris should be paired with a backless or deep cut blouse and subtle pearl jewelry or dangling earrings.