Glorious Pakistan Bridal Wear

Glorious Pakistan Bridal Wear

South East Asia is an amazing repository of different types of cultures and histories. Every region of this densely populated area has a different cultural ethos which is reflected in their food, rituals as well as clothing. This kind of stunning diversity has provided a great boon for women interested in ethnic fashion as it gives them a wide range of varieties to choose from. One such amazing category of ethnic fashion is the wedding dress of Pakistani bridals.

Pakistani fashion is often lumped together with Indian clothing because of the proximity of the two nations. However, though the two nations do share many cultural similarities, Pakistani fashion boasts of many distinct techniques, fabrics and clothing styles. Moreover, even the basic clothes and techniques that are common in both countries have a very different look depending on the region of origin as the motifs used to decorate them, the weaving styles and the over-all look will vary based on the prevailing aesthetics of that culture. Thus, though traditional Pakistani bridal dresses will be just as ornate and opulent as those bridal attires worn by any Indian, Pakistani bridal wear have a lot of attractions and characteristics that is unique to its regional origin.

The most popular and beautiful Pakistani bridal dresses are the lehenga cholis. These are worn in India as well as Pakistan. Consisting of a long skirt, fitted top and flowing dupatta, they create an extremely regal and elegant silhouette for the bride. However, the latest Pakistani bridal dresses reflect a trend of returning to the roots of high class Mughal culture. In earlier times, shararas and ghararas were considered a highly coveted bridal attire of for wealthy Muslims and these are now in fashion again. They are often seen as a part of designer Pakistani bridal wear collections. Both are worn with a long, fitted tunic and an embellished dupatta (scarf) that is wrapped over the shoulders and around the head. The difference lies in the shape of the bottom wear. While shararas are long, wide-legged pants that look extremely similar to a skirt except for the division in the middle, ghararas gather at the knees and then flare out, creating a very unique silhouette. The revival of these classic garments is a huge part of the latest Pakistani bridal fashion.

The most popular type of designer Pakistani bridal dresses are salwar kameez. These are similar in their structure to the simple garments worn in India, but in Pakistan, they have a more regal and imposing silhouette. In their bridal avatar, they obviously have a very ornate look, not just because of the fitted cut and long length for the kameez, but also because of the kind of work done on the fabric. In fact, all the best Pakistani bridal dresses are the ones that come with intricate and ornate work done all over the outfit. This also applies to the other popular bridal wear garments like sarees, lehengas, ghararas and shararas. To get the proper bridal look, the garment should be covered with exquisite and intricate designs. Typically, Persian-inspired motifs of flowers, fruits and birds are seen, as well as beautiful geometric shapes and abstract patterns. Even the latest Pakistani bridal wear will be seen decorated with traditional techniques such as zari, zardosi, Dubka, ek taar ka kaam and chikan work. Beautiful metallic threads are wrought into delicate and dazzling designs which create a truly regal and ornate look for the bride.

These beautiful designer Pakistani bridal dresses can be created using all types of fine fabrics, from silk and velvet to chiffon, georgette and crepe. Designers love using luxury fabrics such as rich and heavily embroidered silks, brocades, satin and lace to create an even fancier look for the garment.

In terms of colors, green, red and pink are the preferred traditional hues for bridal wear in Pakistan. However new Pakistani bridal dresses often incorporate more unusual color combinations such as grey, silver, beige, brown, blue or yellow to appeal to the tastes of the younger and more modern generation.

Styles and Stunning Pakistani Bridal Wear

For any Pakistani bride, styling is just as important as the dress when it comes to her bridal ensemble. The right jewelry can elevate a beautiful look to something that is truly breathtaking. To get the rich and truly traditional Pakistani bridal look, women should pair up their designer Pakistani bridal dresses with traditional Mughal inspired jewelry such as jhoomars, mang tikkas, multi-layer necklaces and ornate finger rings. Those who are wearing new Pakistani bridal dresses can opt for more modern jewelry types such as crystal necklaces, pearl earrings and stone studded bracelets. To complete the look, women can add an embroidered brocade potli and a pair of beautiful ethnic sandals.