Enhance Your Style: Choosing the Perfect Kundan Set

Enhance Your Style: Choosing the Perfect Kundan Set

Kundan jewelry is a timeless traditional Indian ornamentation known because of its complex workmanship and striking aesthetic. Kundan jewelry originated from the royal courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan, involves embedding cut and polished stones in a gold or faux metal base. The term “Kundan” refers to the purified gold used in this complex setting procedure. Each piece is an original piece of art produced using diverse metalwork & stones. Kundan jewelry are adorn by brides and collectors of fine jewelry and reflect India’s cultural heritage and abilities.

Consider these when buying a necklace set: The style, the length, the intricate work.However, the shape and size of the jewelry must also compliment your facial features. Find the perfect Kundan set that suits your features with these style tips & tricks.

Oval Shape: Accept Versatility

If you have an oval face shape, congratulations! Nearly any length and style of Kundan necklace will fit you perfectly. Try tear-drop necklaces to mimic your face shape. Geometric pendants like rhombi, squares and circles, can also enhance your features. For Indian earrings, smaller details like studs or tiny pairs are best. Your face shape enables you to experiment with various lengths and styles.So, have fun experimenting! 

Kundan Earrings

Round Shape: Create Length

For those with round faces, choose a Kundan necklace set to give the illusion of a longer face. Avoid halter neck necklaces that hit your collar. Instead, go for longer styles in a V shape which make your features look longer. For earrings, danglers or long pairs emphasize your neck and give your look much more of an elegant appearance.

Square Shape: Soften the Angles

In case you have a square face, avoid clear pendants or bracelets with geometric designs. Rather opt for curvy necklaces with round pendants to soften your face. You could try ethnic Kundan Indian chokers jewelry. Because of your strong and wide jawline, minimalist earrings or tiny danglers are ideal – they will not take up a lot of space around your neck and shoulders. Avoid jhumkas: they make your face look more angular.

Kundan Choker Necklace Set

Heart Shape: Add Fullness

For heart shaped faces, horizontal motifs and layered Indian jewelry like necklaces can create a fullness around the neck. Pendants with adjustable chains look great for your ethnic mood and heart shape face. You are lucky you can put on your necklace with almost any kind of earrings. So, you can mix and match based on your occasion and outfit.

Diamond Shape: Balance Your Features

For those who have a diamond shaped face, short necklaces can align your jawline. A bit of ornamentation close to your eyes will create a romantic look, ideal for traditional wedding sarees for sangeet Anarkalis. Pick a green Kundan jewelry set and get ready for a diva-like appearance that highlights your unique facial structure.

Kunda Jewelry Set

Why Utsav Fashion Is Right for Buying Kundan Jewelry Online?

Picking the right Kundan set is more than a design. Considering your face shape can help you pick jewelry that emphasizes your features and matches your attire. Whether you happen to be an oval, round, square, center or diamond shaped face, these suggestions can enable you to select the right Kundan set for each event.To explore a wide range of Kundan sets, visit Utsav Fashion. They offer an extensive selection of gorgeous pieces and provide worldwide shipping. Embrace these guidelines and you’re on the right path to showcasing your beauty in the best personalized manner.