What is natural waistline and how is it different from the waist?

Natural waist is the tiny part of a person�s midsection or to an outfit built to fit this area. Whatever be one�s figure type, everybody owns a natural waistline. For enhancing the look and appeal of natural waistline, clothes like women�s lehengas, gowns etc heighten up the spirit.

This kind of waistline is regarded as flattering on all figure types. Lehengas and gowns with natural waist do fasten themselves in between lower ribs and belly button where the tiniest part of waistline occurs. This kind of waistline is considered as flattering on every body type. Looking longer in lehenga or gown can help making the waist appear smaller. Lehengas and gowns that fasten on natural waistlines help shorter figures appear taller on account of the display of longer leg.

Natural waist outfits vary same low rise attires. This is because natural waist outfits fasten at smallest part of waist whereas the low rise outfits reach as high as hips.

When it comes to men�s shirts and women�s tops and tunics, a noticeable seam at the natural waist does have the effect of cutting the body in half that can pose to be non-flattering on both shorter as well as larger body types. Thin belts fitting at the natural waistline aren�t recommended for petite as well as plus size figure types. Tall as well as leaner body types are quietly flattered by horizontal waist and narrow belts. On the other hand, wide waist on tops, belts can be worn by all body types including petite and plus sizes.

Outfits that are made to fit at the natural waist are at most times vertical seaming from the shoulder thereby changing the horizontal seams for enhancing the waistline. Elastic waist outfits having horizontal gathering also enhance the waistline. An outfit can also depict a band of a contrasting color for focusing attention on the natural waistline.

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