Exciting Lehenga Shop Collections

Exciting Lehenga Shop Collections

Nothing can match the Indian lehenga choli in terms of grandeur and beauty. These are amongst the most exquisite Indian outfits, the favorites of brides, frequently seen at weddings, festivals and other glitzy occasions. The flattering, feminine fit and reams of ornate design make it the perfect pick for women who want to embrace ethnic glamour but still maintain their stylish and modern image. However these can be on the more expensive side and as such they should not be purchased lightly. Lehenga shopping has to be done only from the most trusted sources to ensure you get the highest quality clothes, as well as the most cost effective prices and a sufficient variety of choices.

Any good lehenga shop will not only stock up on different colors and fabrics but also offer variations in designs and patterns, including the contemporary cuts and motifs. Obviously the geographical location will majorly influence the types of outfits available, with the locally produced fabrics and artisanal techniques being the most showcased in the shops of that region. Thus lehenga shops in Chennai will have more of fabrics like Kanchivaram and other South Indian silk varieties while lehenga shops in Kolkatta might have more of Banarsi silk or Tussar Brocade. At the same time, certain regional textiles and designs might be more easily obtained in that region in a large range of choices, as compared to other locations. For instance lehenga shops in Delhi would be the preferred location for those seeking authentic North Indian bridal lehengas with work like zari, Phulkari, cut dana and Zardosi while lehenga shops in Bangalore would be the preferred destination for the patu pavada style lehengas and lehenga shops in Pune would be the best place to get lesser known western fabrics like khun.

An alternative (and often more convenient) way of purchasing a lehenga is online shopping. An online store provides easy access to traditional clothes as well as the latest designs; moreover, shopping at a trusted online store with a reliable reputation will ensure access to top quality, authentic items. This is a great option for those who lack the time to seek out regional shops or for those who live too far away to make that a feasible option. For instance, one does not have to visit lehenga saree shops in Mumbai to get Parsi work lehenga sarees. Inspired by the exquisite Gara sarees produced by the Parsi community in Mumbai, these gorgeous sarees are highly in demand for the intricate and beautiful embroidery they display.

Thus online shopping has made getting the rarest varieties, newest innovations and latest designs in lehengas a breeze. No longer would a trip to the best lehenga shop in Mumbai be necessary to get genuine and beautiful Maharashtrian clothes like Paithani silk lehengas or a parkar polkas. Now, lehengas made of the luxurious Paithani silk fabric with the typical zari borders can be purchased online with ease, along with pretty parkar polkas for children. The colors and designs available in bridal lehenga cholisonline are just as rich and varied as those in the best lehenga shop in Kolkatta. From silk, cotton and crepe to chiffon, georgette, net, velvet, brocade and satin, both traditional and modern varieties are amply represented.

Trends and Styles in Lehenga Shops

Ethnic fashions are majorly influenced by seasons and in India these are closely linked to cultural and religious celebrations. Thus, the October to March period is when a lehenga shop in Delhi will be filled up with greater varieties of bridal and wedding wear since this is the peak wedding season in North India. These are the most splendid, with ornate designs and sparkling embellishments.

At the same time, different regions have different festive seasons; for instance, in Mumbai Ganesh Chaturti is a major festival which occurs between July and September and typically a lot of festival wear is purchased during this time. These festive versions, also popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat, are more colorful with traditional embellishments of mirror and patch border work and zari borders. Since lehenga cholis are generally worn for special occasions like weddings and festivals this is the time when you’ll find a lot of styles to choose from; however, online shops maintain a gorgeous collection all the year round, though they might have pre or post season sales or special catalogues for a particular season.

The regional variations can also majorly influence the types of jewelry worn. For instance, South Indian lehenga cholis look great with gold jewelry while Maharashtrian styles match best with polki jewelry. In Rajasthan oxidized jewelry is often paired with the festive lehenga cholis while in Punjab, Kundan jewelry is the first choice for brides to wear with lehenga cholis.