Shining Beauty of Golden Bangles

Shining Beauty of Golden Bangles

Bangles are one of the most traditional types of jewelry in India, worn across the country by women belonging to different cultural and religious backgrounds. These ethnic accessories have today become popular across the world and are available in modern designs and shapes. They can be made in a variety of ways, using a variety of materials, but the most popular raw material used to create them, at least in India, is gold. This is because gold is considered the most auspicious metal in Hindu culture and is hence the first choice in the creation of any jewelry type, especially one that is more traditional. Golden bangles are therefore an extremely important piece of jewelry in India and are considered both traditional and auspicious in many cultures.

The golden bangle can come in many different forms and shapes. In India itself, there are many different varieties and types of this much loved ethnic accessory. The most conventional golden bangles’ design would be the thin and rigid circlet which is worn in a set of six, twelve or eighteen. These thin, unadorned golden bangle designs are preferred for daily wear as they are generally lightweight and less cumbersome. Moreover, they are subtle enough to match well with a variety of different outfits and have a more muted, elegant look suitable for formal or business occasions.

The design of golden bangles would also be dependent on the way in which they are crafted. The most exquisite and intricate designs are displayed in the handcrafted bangles which are created using regional Indian jewelry making techniques. These tend to have a very unique look and typically sport exclusive designs which set them apart. Despite being handmade, they have an elegant finish and sophisticated polish. Kundan sets often feature heavy golden bangles which come with the distinctive, exquisite and intricate designs studded with sparkling stones. Gold is also used as a base metal in classic Meenakari bangles, which are made by enameling gorgeous, colorful designs on to the metal. Nowadays, golden bangle designs can also be mass created by machines. This reduces their cost and therefore makes them available to a wider customer base.

The type of material used to create them has a huge impact on the designs of golden bangles. When it comes to traditional forms, such as south Indian gold jewelry or Kundan jewelry, only the finest gold metal is used. This obviously imparts the golden bangle with a very beautiful, luxurious sheen and also has an investment benefit. On the other hand, women usually prefer to wear more affordable and less fancy varieties in their day to day life made with artificial gold, gold plated metals and or any other gold tinted or painted materials.

The golden bangles’ latest design variations tend to be greatly influenced by western and modern aesthetics. Sleek bangles with futuristic chain-like or intertwined designs are extremely popular at the moment and have a very chic, elegant look. When it comes to designer golden bangles’ designs, India is not the only source of inspiration. Chic and simplistic designs studded with gleaming pearls, zircon crystals and diamonds are often displayed on golden bangles. On the other hand, cheap and versatile fashion golden bangles decorated with rhinestones and crystals are also very popular. These come in a wide range of colors, from soft white and grey to bright reds and glittering blues.

Varieties of Golden Bangles

Golden bangles, especially the sleek, western versions, are extremely trendy right now. They have been frequently spotted on runways and red carpets and are the preferred accessory of celebrities who want to combine luxurious glamour with an ethnic, bohemian vibe. They can be used to dress up party wear dresses as well as casual tunics, tops and shirts. They can be used to add a very elegant and sophisticated edge to smart semi-formal looks. For instance, a deep red sweater tunic paired with black leggings might be a somewhat boring look in itself but the addition of shining gold bangles and a gold clutch can create a more stylish, cutting edge vibe for the outfit.

Golden bangles with Indian designs and patterns can also be matched with casual western clothing decorated with Indian prints and designs; however, they would pair best with Indian clothing such as salwar kameez, sarees and lehenga cholis. With ornate and glamorous wedding sarees, women usually opt for a complete set of Indian jewelry pieces including golden bangles. However it is always best to pair up gold jewelry of any kind only with outfits that have gold embroidery and embellishments. They will also work well with gold tinted fabrics or plain fabrics in warm colors like red and brown. It is best to avoid wearing golden bangles with silver thread fabrics.