Different Styles of Saree Draping

The magnificence of a Saree is timeless and unmatched. But what usually gets to women is the question. How to wear a Saree perfectly? Not just that, queries extend further to, How to wear a pure silk saree for a Party or How to wear a Sari to look slim.

At Utsav Fashion, we have attempted to get you out of your draping misery with simple, to-the-point and easy-to-follow DIY Saree Draping Videos.

Believe it or not, your days of fussing over how to wear a Saree are over. With these fantastic Do-It-Yourself videos, we not only provide you with a smart learning experience of how to drape a Saree but also offer some of the most popular forms of Saree draping styles.

The audiovisual initiates you to the basic requirements of how to dress up in a Saree, followed by simple steps for the ready look. The simplicity of communication and on-screen help allows you to gather the nuances without any confusion. With this, you also find some handy tips that help bring out the complete gracefulness of a Saree.

Celebrate Elegance: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Drape a Saree

Familiarize yourself with the basic step-by-step guide to draping a Saree if you’d like to stick to the plain old normal way.

You Need

  • A six or nine-yard Saree
  • Petticoat
  • A matching Blouse
  • Footwear
  • A Few Safety Pins
  • Accessories – Earrings, neckpiece, and clutch

Quick Steps To Drape 

  1. Get ready with a waist-to-floor length petticoat tied reasonably firmly at the waist by a drawstring and wear a fitted blouse that ends just below the bust.
  2. Now, take the plain end of the Sari and start tucking it into the petticoat and wrap one full round from right to left. Make sure that the lower end of the Sari is just about an inch above the floor.
  3. Hold Sari, just after the tucked portion, and start making pallu pleats measuring a span width each
  4. Make about 7 to 10 pleats, depending on the length of the Saree and hold them up together so that they fall straight and even.
  5. Tuck the arranged pleats into the petticoat slightly towards the left of the navel, and make sure that the pleat folds face left too.
  6. Now hold the Sari and tuck it in the petticoat until around the back and bring the untied portion in front from the right
  7. Now, make 6-7 pallu pleats at the shorter hem of the Sari and place it on the left shoulder such that the pallu falls just above the knee level. Fix the pallu to the blouse with a safety pin.
  8. With the Saree draped perfectly, revel in the beauty and grace of your complete look with complimenting Jewelry.

Tips & Tricks

  • Save your time over Pleats and Palla by keeping it pinned in place earlier.
  • Always wear your heels, petticoat or jeggings beforehand to get the right length of the Saree.
  • Keep safety pins handy for easy arrangement.
  • Be ready with basic make-up.
  • Wear Jewelry and accessories for the final look.

You can dress up in a desirable Saree style all by yourself, by simply following our How to wear a satin Saree in our Full HD videos. So, let’s just usher you into the world of ease and style with our DIY Saree Draping Videos.

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