How to Drape Lehenga Style Saree in Simple Way

How to Drape Lehenga Style Saree in Simple Way
Any regular Saree can be draped in a manner that gives an impression of a Lehenga. Due to its uniqueness of merging two traditional dress forms, this style is only worn on special occasions and celebrations.

Wondering how to drape your regular Saree into a Lehenga in a jiffy? Here are some easy steps to quickly drape lehenga style saree.

You Need

  • An embellished saree
  • A classy designer blouse
  • Satin petticoat
  • A pair of heels
  • Heavy stone studded Jewelry
  • Plenty of bangles
  • Few safety pins.
  • And around 4 Minutes

6 Easy Steps to Drape Lehenga Style Saree

  1. Start by tucking the Saree starting from the center back only until the right side of the waist.
  2. Make pleats measuring a span width such that you get 5 pleats ‘sets’ in between the right to the left side of the waist.
  3. Now, tuck the  Saree until the center back such that the fancy Saree completes one round around the waist to the starting point.
  4. Take the pallu to make pallu pleats.
  5. Bring the pallu to the front, place it on the right shoulder and pin it up neatly.
  6. Now, hold the upper corner of the pallu and take it left up until the side waist and pin it up.

Tips & Tricks

  • Feel free to adjust the number of pleats to suit your body frame.
  • To avoid fluffiness around the waist, try wearing an inskirt or traditional petticoat that has a belt fastener instead of the traditional string.
  • Make sure to wear your footwear beforehand to get the right length of Saree.
  • Keep safety pins for easy pin-ups.
  • Be ready with basic make-up.
  • Select from the ultimate of the wedding, embellished or half n half sarees along with matching jewelry. They will be delivered to your doorstep.