Floral Menswear: Your Guide to Stylish Outfits

Floral Menswear: Your Guide to Stylish Outfits

For men? Florals? Pretty groundbreaking huh? But in case you have seen Hollywood films or even browsed fashion magazines recently, you might have noticed a trend: Men in florals with style. Floral ethnic menswear is not really a passing trend in 2024 but a declaration of personality and sartorial flair. 

Discover the history of florals in men’s fashion, styles and the way to add floral patterns to your summer wardrobe.

A History of Floral Menswear

Florals aren’t a recent advancement in menswear. In fact, they have adorned the clothes of stylish gentlemen for hundreds of years. From the elaborate brocades of Renaissance nobility to the botanical pages of Victorian dandies, floral motifs are linked with sophistication, adventure and romance.

Blooms on Blooms: Embracing the Boldness

Imagine this: a crisp white kurta for men with floral prints paired with tailored trousers or denim jeans. This bold ensemble radiates confidence and creativity and it is appropriate for casual outings or summer soirees. Fear not the boldness of blooms on blooms: Pair the floral print with neutral or complementary pieces for a finished look.

Printed Kurta for men

Dandyish Florals: Channeling Classic Elegance

For the gentleman who appreciates timeless styling, dandyish florals really are a nod to tradition with a contemporary twist. Think floral printed black blazers for men, waistcoats or pocket squares with tailored suits or casual separates. This refined aesthetic recalls dandyism – individuality, taste and attention to detail.

Printed Coat and Blazers For Men

Discreet Florals: Subtle Sophistication

For more subtle floral menswear, choose discreet florals. Pick small-scale floral designs or slight embroidery on polo shirts, lightweight jackets or button-downs. These classic pieces update your look while not being too formal or absurdly casual.

Workwear Florals: Effortlessly Chic

Who says florals are for leisure? Including floral motifs in your workwear can add professional flair and character. Pick tailored blazers or casual shirts for men in muted floral prints and pair with tailored chinos or trousers for a smart office look. Remember, confidence is crucial to pulling off this effortlessly chic aesthetic.

Casual Shirts for men

Streetwear Florals: Urban Edge meets Natural Beauty

Streetwear lovers rejoice – florals are no longer confined to high fashion. Rock urban edge in streetwear-inspired floral pieces like graphic tees, hoodies or even bomber jackets with floral prints. Mix and match these statement pieces together with your fave streetwear staples for an eye catching ensemble that mixes urban attitude with nature.

Gap Year Florals: Wanderlust in Wardrobe

For the daring souls and globetrotters among us, gap-year florals give a passport to sartorial exploration. Wear lightweight shirts, shorts or swimwear with tropical floral motifs from exotic locales to encourage wanderlust. Lounging on a beach or wandering city streets, these colorful pieces will inject your wardrobe with adventure and discovery.

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