How to Make Sari

How to Make Sari

When it comes to Indian fashion, the saree is the most elegant outfit one can find. Women across India and the world are discovering the many attractions of this sophisticated Indian garment. Though it is nothing more than a long piece of cloth wrapped around the body on top of a blouse and a petticoat skirt, it stands out amongst all Indian clothes as being the most graceful and feminine. With the increased popularity of this outfit, many new variations are now available in the market and it is not at all difficult to find well-stocked collections of sarees in stores. However, for some women, getting sarees off the rack is not enough. For them the sari design has to be unique and reflect their personal style sensibilities. Therefore, they choose to design saree and blouse combinations as per their tastes, either through a tailor or by availing the custom design service at a reliable retailer.

The saree design options are vast. From the choice of the fabric to the design and the patterns, every aspect can be personalized. Moreover, even the ‘fall’ of the saree can be done as per the wearer’s body type, thus making it much easier to drape and giving it the perfect finish. It is not really possible to do saree making at home as not many people know how to make a sari. Only professionals can ensure the fabric is utilized perfectly and comes out exactly as envisioned. The traditional option used to be tailors, but nowadays, many women go straight for online stores where customization is an option. Such stores usually have experts in their team that have a deep knowledge of how to design a saree. The advantage of going for this option is that usually, these experts also have a good idea of what is trendy and fashionable. Moreover, they are well-versed in making all types of sarees and will even have the knowledge of how to make designer sarees and the resources to produce the same. Thus women can be assured that their custom designs are executed as expertly as possible and looks finished and stylish.

The question of how to make saree designs has many answers. Firstly, the fabric has to be chosen on the basis of individual requirements and based on what types of designs are going to be put on the outfit. For instance, if a saree has to be dyed then absorbent cotton is a very good choice. Silk shows up prints very well, while georgette can be beautifully embellished and embroidered. Next, the designs have to be created perfectly. From the colors to the patterns, every aspect can be chosen by the customer and executed by experts in embroidery and tailoring. Certain Indian crafts like cut dana, zari, Resham and so on are quite difficult to get right so women should be careful who they select as their tailor.

However customization is not just about the saree. Sometimes, one may find the perfect fabric for the saree which does not need any additions in terms of designs. In that case, all you need is someone who knows how to make a saree, with the fall and the pallu, out of the existing fabric, and how to make a saree blouse. This requires knowledge of design and tailoring as not only do the sari blouses have to match the saree, they also have to fit perfectly to enhance the drape.

Personalizing the latest Fashions

The main reason women choose to go down the custom-made route is because it affords them the chance to personalize the current trends and create a unique style of their own which is fashionable and comfortable. For instance, they specifically ask for tailors who know how to make a sari blouse with daring cuts like the halter neck, spaghetti straps, deep neck, key hole neck, choli (deep cut) back and so on. These types of bold cuts are relatively new to the market and hence, have to be customized.

In fact, the best part about getting custom made saris and blouses is that the tailor may suggest a combination that suits the individual, or point out a new trend they may like. Reputable tailors will know how to make saree blouse designs that are only seen on the ramps, such as the shirt-blouse or the high collar neck blouse.

In terms of sarees, the latest trends that can easily be customized include the use of neon colors and half and half sarees. Alternatively, women may prefer to take certain distinctive Bollywood sarees and alter them as per their tastes. Amongst brides, a new trend is to create a customized saree to go with a vintage Kundan jewelry set, thus making the jewelry the center point of the outfit.