Coordinate Your Wedding Look: Perfect Pairings for Groom and Bride

Coordinate Your Wedding Look: Perfect Pairings for Groom and Bride

Do you visualize a wedding day when you and your significant other are matched like 2 puzzle pieces? You are not alone, either! Some couples strive to produce a stylish and harmonious ensemble expressing their individual style and love story. Inspired by actual couples who have sported matching Indian wedding outfits on their big day, the following are some suggestions to help you and your S.O. stand out on your wedding day!

Contemporary Elegance

Take a modern vibe with matching outfits. Think sharp tailored suits for the groom and chic, form fitting Indian gowns for the bride. Pick complementary colors like navy blue and blush pink or classic black and ivory. Add some personal flair with matching accessories like cufflinks and statement Indian jewelry. This contemporary look conveys elegance and confidence so you two could be noticed in style.

Wedding gown

Majestic Match

Dress as a king and queen in regal-inspired outfits. For richer fabrics in dark jewel tones, opt for silk and velvet in emerald green, royal blue or burgundy. Groomsmen can do a velvet sherwani with gold embroidery while the bride can do a lace and bead lehenga choli. Add ornate crowns or tiaras for majesty.

Groom sherwani

Pastel Perfection

Soft pastels work nicely with a dreamy feel. Flaunt shades like blush pink, powder blue and mint green for a serene look. For the groom, a light grey and beige suit with a pastel colored tie or bowtie works. The bride, however, may float down the aisle in a chiffon lehenga with subtle embroidery or floral appliques. This romantic palette is ideal for summer and spring weddings.

Blooming Beauty

With floral prints and motifs, celebrate nature in your wedding attire. For the groom, a jodhpuri suit works. The bride meanwhile can go all out in floral style of a 3D floral applique or a floral lace overlay. Whether you say “I do” among blossoming gardens or under stars, this floral ensemble will capture hearts and minds alike.

Sherwani for groom

Timeless Harmony

To get a classic look, nothing beats matching white ensembles. Adopt the simple white with tailored suits for the groom and gray gowns for the bride. Choose heavier fabrics like satin and silk with lace or even pearl detailing. This particular monochromatic look embodies grace and sophistication, and you and your significant other could be the embodiment of classic elegance on your own special day.

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While you navigate this journey together, remember that the most important factor is to always be at ease, confident and true to yourself. After all, your wedding day is a day for you two to remember your love and dedication to one another and there’s no right or wrong way to style your attire. Whether you are taking cues from actual couples, fashion trends or maybe your own creativity, the right pairings are those which reflect your love story and produce cherished memories for a lifetime.

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So be yourself, celebrate your love and let your coordinated outfit speak of the adventure you two are about to undertake together. Here is to your wedding day full of love, laughter & memories!