Find Your Perfect Bridal Lehenga Shade for Your Skin Tone!

Find Your Perfect Bridal Lehenga Shade for Your Skin Tone!

Your wedding day is among your most unforgettable days and picking the best bridal lehenga shade can make you feel like the most incredible bride ever. We understand that each bride is unique so our ultimate goal is to guide you in selecting a lehenga color which enhances your natural beauty and skin tone. This isn’t about stereotyping any tone; this is about celebrating you and also making you shine on your special day. 

Know Your Skin Tone

The decision to select the right bridal lehenga shade starts with your skin tone. Skin tones go into fair, medium, dark and dusky. Identifying your skin tone helps narrow down the shades which can make you look radiant.

Find Your Undertone

Next, find out your undertone. The colors undertones are colors that impact your hue beneath the skin surface. There are three basic kinds : cold, neutral and warm. Cool undertones contain blue, pink, or red hints. Warm undertones show yellow, peachy, or golden tones. Neutral undertones are a blend of both. Knowing your undertone is going to refine your color scheme.

Embroidered Velvet Lehenga in Maroon

Considering Your Colors Based On the Season

Seasons also impact color choices. Winter and summer are chilly and spring and autumn are hot. As an example, winter brides may want more intense red lehenga, much more colorful colors and summer brides may want softer pink lehenga, more pastel colors. 

Now, let’s find out which bridal lehenga shades suit your skin tone.

Shades for Brides with Very Fair Skin Tone

Really fair skin tones look gorgeous in soft pastels. Hues like blush pink, baby blue, mint green and lavender give your complexion a soft appearance. These shades create a fairy tale look. While pastel is safe, jewel tones are also perfect for really fair brides. Emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue can add a vibrant pop of color, making you stand out. 

Embroidered Net Lehenga in Maroon

Shades for Brides with Warm Fair Skin Tone

Warm fair skin tones can carry off earthy tones, including peach, coral and warm beige. These colors match your natural warmth and make you look gorgeous. They blend into your skin for an all natural appearance. Golden shades and yellow lehengas could make an enormous difference for brides with bright fair skin. Shades of mustard yellow, sunflower and soft gold are cheerful and sunny. These colors enhance your natural warmth for your big day.

Shades for Brides with Medium to Dusky Skin Tones

Moderate to dark skin tones could easily pull off vivid and bold shades such as magenta, royal blue and deep purple. These shades give you a regal complexion. Bright colors highlight your skin tone. For brides with medium to dusky skin tones, reds and maroons are timeless choices. These shades represent love and passion and are so flattering. They give you that classic beauty look.

Embroidered Net Lehenga in Mustard

Shades for Brides with Dark Skin Tone

Brides with dark skin tones may rock in fuchsia, vibrant orange and electric blue in bold and striking colors. These colors make you pop and make you look radiant. Bright shades bring out your full complexion. Metallic hues of bronze, silver & gold look fantastic with darker skin tones. These shades give your bridal look a dash of glam and sophistication. 

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