Modern Fashion Tips for Women and Girls

Modern Fashion Tips for Women and Girls

Fashion is as much a matter of pride and self-presentation as it is about personal style and choice. The hype surrounding ethnic and Western fashion is so high that more often than not; women opt for garments and accessories that don’t just reflect the media hype. They also do not suit their body shapes and personal styles. Such discrepancies can lead to an under-confident presentation of the self, even if the clothes are drop dead gorgeous. The right kind of fashion tips for women not only takes trends into account but also age, demographic aspects and body type. Indian ethnic fashion has taken center stage around the globe through the many innovations in fabrics like Matka silk, drapes, embellishments and types of accessories that are now available in the open market.

One of the best fashion tips women can personalize according to their taste is the choice of traditional garments. While traditional saree like Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Chanderi, Patola, Ikat and other popular varieties can be found in abundance in the market, one of the basic things in this regard is the color combination one chooses. To go with the general Indian skin tone, i.e. whitish, deeper hues such as maroon, green, dark blue and purple prove to be a better choice. Pastel shades and neon hues should be chosen by women who have a slightly lighter shade of the whitish skin tone. This principle is applicable to a wide array of garments, including but not limited to salwar kameez, lehenga choli and Indo-Western attires.

Fashion tips for college girls often exclusively focus on contemporary clothing styles for college only. However, there are certain events in the life of a college girl like a fresher’s party, farewell, college festivals and so on, which are often ignored. These events require a more formal yet party vibe, which many believe can only be achieved in Western ensembles. However, many modern saree styles, fabrics like matka silk and colors are ideal for such occasions. Vibrant colors like yellow and pink and even sultry ones like black and red can be fashioned in a classy yet peppy manner. For girls, fashion tips such as these are equally significant as those about beauty and self-care. In addition, accessorizing a saree with a simple designer lehenga can create a unique and stylish look for college events.

One of the most important fashion tips for teenage girls is to wear age-specific clothes and makeup rather than trying to emulate styles that are better suited to young adults or older women. For instance, frills and trims look pretty on younger teenagers i.e. up to the age of sixteen, while older teenagers can wear more sophisticated clothes, however leaning more on the girly side. This is also the right time to experiment lightly so that a firmer sense of personal taste can be developed in the later years. As they explore their personal style, young girls can opt for elegant outfits like a pure silk saree for special occasions, striking a balance between tradition and contemporary trends.

An essential suggestion pertaining to fashion tips for short girls and women, irrespective of age is to wear lighter fabrics like georgette and chiffon as heavier ones. It is primarily because traditional silks tend to weigh down the person and drown them. Lighter fabrics are more flattering to the silhouette and can enhance the appearance by making women seem stately.

The latest fashion tips for girls also revolve around accessorizing correctly with ethnic Indian outfits. While many girls prefer modern styles and types of jewelry, pairing them with traditional varieties of ethnic Indian garments can often go wrong. While traditional, heavy fabrics like silk should preferably be complemented by traditional gold jewelry in temple designs or other conventional motifs like peacocks or blossoms, contemporary fabrics like chiffon, georgette and net can be beautifully highlighted using delicate, modern designs in platinum, diamond and other modern materials. An elegant touch to a modern outfit like an organza silk saree can be achieved with minimalist yet chic jewelry pieces that enhance the overall appeal.

Styling and Other Fashion Tips

Besides jewelry, some useful fashion tips for girls and young women include hair and makeup. One of the best ways to decide the styling of the hair is to analyze the components of the ensemble. For instance, backless designer blouses look best when the hair is left loose but pulled to one side. This also gives the woman a chance to show off any jewelry pieces she will necessarily be sporting such as ornate Kundan earrings or a heavy Polki necklace. On the other hand, a halter neck blouse can be shown off perfectly when the hair is tied in a stylish bun, especially when paired with a stylish designer salwar. The bun itself can be accessorized by sporting an ornate gold bun pin.

Makeup is also an essential part of styling a look, but has more to do with colors of the ensemble and the skin tone of the wearer as opposed to styles and silhouettes of the garments. For instance, women with darker skin tones may choose to wear a deeper shade of pink saree or pink lehenga choli, but pink makeup should be strictly avoided. As an alternative, nude looks or beige tones with gold highlights can make the wearer and the ensemble, like a floral lehenga, appear stunning in just one shot.