How to buy saree tips and tricks

How to buy saree tips and tricks

Sarees are amongst the most beautiful garments in the world, much loved and appreciated for their elegance and ethnic charm. They have been worn in the Indian sub-continent for many centuries. Every region has its own culture, which implies that saree styles also vary from one place to another. At the same time, sarees dress have become immensely popular with modern women, especially due to the fact that a pool of high-fashion designers has embraced this garment. Consequently, there are many different varieties of sarees available in the market. You have traditional, regional styles to modern, contemporary variations, from glamorous and colorful options to simple, daily wear types.

This fabulous variety can be equally exciting and confusing. Faced with a plethora of beautiful choices, ethnic fashion novices often have no idea what to buy. In fact, it is also a headache for people who have years of experience in buying and wearing a bollywood sarees! As newer and trendier options keep flocking the market, the range of options at any ethnic fashion store just keeps on increasing.

One of the most important saree tips is to buy the styles that suit one’s personal tastes, body type and sense of style. For instance, those who love wearing comfortable, breezy and easy-to-wear garments should avoid heavier silk sarees. They should rather go for the beautiful cotton saree options. Pertaining to parties and special occasions, you can opt for a comfortable yet glamorous material like georgette. A ready-to-wear saree is the best choice for someone who is not familiar with the somewhat tricky saree drapes.

On the other hand, people with a taste for glamorous, modern clothing will find plenty of interesting designer options to choose from. For them, the blouse and drape of the sari will be just as important as the material and designs. There are many sari tips for people who want these types of garments. They can get sequin studded net sarees, which have a sensuous translucent glow, or they can get form-fitting chiffon sarees that are simple and yet extremely scintillating.

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Saree buying tips don’t just pertain to the choice of the right design and material. When selecting a sari, it is duly important to pay attention to the quality of the cloth, the type of work on it and the manner in which it is cut. India is a treasure trove of gorgeous textiles, including expensive varieties that are very finely woven and come with exquisitely detailed designs. Before purchasing such traditional or regional sarees, the quality and authenticity of the garments have to be determined. By purchasing from a reliable ethnic store, a lot of the risk of purchasing is mitigated as they can be relied upon to provide good quality outfits.

A saree buying guide can also help to understand what types of saris look good on different figures. For instance, chiffon is a very light and diaphanous material that emphasizes the curves of the body and can be unflattering if worn in the wrong manner. Georgette is much more forgiving but many women prefer chiffon because of its lightness. Silk is available in many varieties, from lightly woven, almost translucent saris to heavy, brocade work pieces. Each has a different charm and appeal.

There is a lot more important saree-buying information for customers interested in this stunning ethnic garment. People who are purchasing saris for specific occasions should make sure they pay attention to the cultural norms of the host, the traditional garb of that occasion and what other people will likely be wearing. For instance, for a Navratri celebration, tied and dyed cotton sarees with mirror work will be a good choice, while for a south Indian wedding, a Mysore or Kanjivaram silk will work much better as an elegant wedding saree.

Saree Tips and Tricks

Understanding the current styles and trends is very important. It is not enough to identify the latest trends, however; how they fit in with personal requirements is also important. Currently, transparent materials like net, chiffon and lace are extremely trendy and many Bollywood celebrities have been spotted wearing them. The beauty of these materials is that they are very versatile and can be draped in many different styles. Unusual and innovative drapes have become a huge trend in ethnic fashion.

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There are also many interesting accessories to choose from. Choosing the right pieces can really enhance the beauty of the sari you wear, irrespective of its fabric or type. Indian jewelry made with semi-precious stones and gold is always a clinching bet. Such pieces are versatile and will match well with most types of sarees.