Fashionistas' Words of Wisdom for Buying that Versatile Clutch

Fashionistas' Words of Wisdom for Buying that Versatile Clutch

Carrying a clutch bag with you has attained widespread popularity. In fact, it has become a glam quotient when it comes to creating a style statement. Carrying clutch bags make you look chic and suave. But, difficulty comes when you are on lookout of that perfect clutch bag.

Let’s come over to those things that have to be kept in mind before purchasing an ideal clutch bag.

Matching Quotient

You can go on buying a clutch bag matching your particular dress. However, if you wish to use a clutch bag for multiple dresses, then check out for that which complements majority of your outfits. Black or leather brown colored clutch bag fits well with most of your attires. You have to even be sure that you don’t go for a kind that doesn’t suit your personality. It won’t make a good fashion statement.

black-clutch-with-sequins-work black-clutch-with-stone-work black-clutch

Wherever & Whenever

Just like designer sarees make an ideal wear for grand parties, designer clutch bags are meant for special events. Showing off a rather expensive clutch bag at a neighboring kitty party is a strict no-no. One has to understand whether a designer clutch bag is worthy for the occasion. Carrying along an exclusive clutch bag on day to day basis would make it loose shine. Thus, take designer clutch bags only to special events.

hand-embroidered-clutch hand-embroidered-clutch1 hand-embroidered-clutch-purse

Color, Color What Color

Shade comes in third place. With clutch bags, choose a color that matches your overall personality. Colors like pink or green don’t make a perfect match with everyone. If you aren’t outgoing or rebellious, then go for those sober colors.


yellow-hand-embroidered-clutch-bag red-clutch hand-embroidered-clutch-bag

Comfort is the King

Comfortable hold makes a fourth point. There has to have a tight grip or grip area on the bag in order to avoid unpleasant incidents like snatch and run. The bag has to be easy in palm for provision of comfortable grip.

velvet-clutch clutch-easy-grip stone-work-clutch

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