Velvet Fabric

  • Velvet is a kind of woven tufted fabric wherein the cut threads are quite evenly distributed, with short dense pile, through giving it a distinct feel. The very word velvety is used as an adjective to mean smooth like velvet.
  • Velvet composes of several varied kinds of fabrics and is woven on a special loom thereby weaving two pieces of velvet at same time. After this, two pieces are then cut apart while two lengths of fabric are wound on separate take up rolls.
  • The velvet fabric is quite expensive when it comes to making, before industrial power looms became available. Velvet fabric is quite difficult to clean because of its pile, however, modern dry-cleaning methods have made this activity feasible.
  • The velvet pile is made by warp or vertical yarns and the velveteen pile is made by weft or fill yarns. Moreover, the fabric is quietly made from silk.
  • Sometimes, cotton is also used although it results in less luxurious fabric making sarees or salwar suits. Recently, synthetic velvets have been developed mainly Velvet, nylon, viscose, acetate, and mixtures of varied synthetics. The fabric is created from fibers like linen, mohair and wool. A small percentage of lycra is used sometimes to give stretch.
  • The fabric, Velvet is associated with nobility and originated in Kashmir around the beginning of the fourteen century and was introduced slowly and gradually to other countries as well.