Blend Ethical & Ethnic Fashion With Khadi Fabric

Blend Ethical & Ethnic Fashion With Khadi Fabric

Khadi fabric is an extremely well-known fabric, which is hand spun and unique to the Indian subcontinent, particularly India. While this cloth is mostly woven from hemp, it can also be made from silk and cotton. Khadi cotton is primarily found in Bangladesh and Pakistan while the hemp version is more commonly found in India.

One of the most interesting things about this fabric is that it is extremely versatile not just in terms of the kinds of garments it can be used to create but also in terms of seasonal usage; meaning that it is quite warm during the winter months and cool during the summer months and can thus be worn anytime of the year.

Khadi is a fabric that also has a lot of historical significance when it comes to India and the freedom movement. Cotton grown within the country was exported at lesser prices to Britain, turned into garments and then sold back in India for exponentially higher prices, which lead to an unstable economy and rampant political unrest in the country.

As a result, in order to boycott the unfairness, the concept of spinning Khadi fabric in order to bring about more rural empowerment came into being and became one of the symbols of the Indian freedom movement. Another defining aspect of this fabric is that it is eco-friendly and made without the use of harmful chemicals, which is another reason why it is enjoying a surge in popularity of late.

Kurtas in khadi cotton


Khadi cotton fabric is used to create a variety of Indian ethnic garments. Most popularly, it is used to create salwar kameez sets. These garments have three main components to them: a well-fitted kurta that reaches the knees or just above the knees, a pair of loose pants that can have or not have pleats and a dupatta which is worn like a stole over the garment.

These can either be printed or embroidered on, depending on the design that is being followed. These are one of the most comfortable garments to wear and are extremely well suited for women with different body types. Khadi fabrics are also used to create sarees though these are not as popular as salwar kameez sets as they have an extremely starched and stiff look, which, although is a characteristic of the fabric, does not always sit well with the look that is meant to be emulated by sarees.

Cotton khadi fabric is also used to create accessories for women such as handbags that are usually in the shape of sling bags, similar to those sported by hippies across the world.

Khadi fabrics are also, due to the stiffness of their material, made to create satchel shaped bags for women as well. These are widely spacious and usually have a box like shape and can be paired with Indian ethnic clothing as well as western wear quite easily without clashing with the overall look.

Style tips

When wearing Khadi cotton kurtis women tend to use funky jewelry to accessorize the garment primarily because it has a slightly rough texture and feel and this is complimented well by adding heavier styles of jewelry to the look. Street jewelry that comes in the form of beaded necklaces and bracelets.

As well as stone-studded jewelry are a few popular choices. Very few women choose to wear Indian jewelry with such attire as the juxtaposition, in this case does not look good. Indian khadi fabric is meant to symbolize and emulate a more rural or rustic look which does not really suit the vibe of expensive sets.


Whether the garment is made of cotton or silk khadi fabric, footwear should be chosen well as it tends to leave a large impact on the way the outfit looks in general. When wearing a salwar kameez set, flat V-shaped footwear as well as shoes with small heels such as wedge heels or even high-heeled shoes look great as this garment can be easily worn with different types of shoes.

Some women prefer pairing them with Indian shoes to complete the ethnic look such as with embroidered or embellished juttis. When it comes to a saree made of khadi, on the other hand, only high-heeled shoes should be worn as they compliment the fall of the saree and make the garment look all the more graceful when worn. Paired with junk jewelry, this can create an interesting, artistic look on the whole.

Casual handbags are also worn with garments such as these. Indian bags made with khadi and embroidered with vibrant Indian motifs look great with these garments as they add to the ethnic aura being created.