Regal Men’s Wedding Sherwani

Regal Men’s Wedding Sherwani

When it comes to fashion, the image which automatically comes to mind is of girls in trendy or ravishing outfits along with chic accessories. However, most fashion enthusiasts know that this perception is quite wide off the mark. Indian men have become extremely fashion-conscious and they are very much aware of what fashion mens clothing is in trend these days, which is precisely why it is a very exciting time for Indian fashion. Men can choose from a huge variety of colors, styles, accessories and designer fashion men clothing options as well. Now more than ever, men aspire to look their best and are encouraged to do so with the help of the latest fashion mens trends like pathani suits, dhoti kurtas, regal sherwanis, dashing tuxedos, formal western suits, etc.

While western clothes are perfect for parties and formal occasions, traditional indian men clothing is more appropriate for weddings and cultural events. Traditional Indian mens clothing include various kinds of dazzling attires like dhoti, which is a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, wrapped around the waist and legs and knotted at the waist, resembling a long skirt.

Pajamas are a loose fitting traditional Indian menswear for legs and generally make a very good part of Indian mens wedding outfits when worn with kurtas or sherwanis. Kurta is a full sleeved upper garment of knee length, which is most suited for weddings or for cultural and holy events. Sherwani on the other hand is a long coat like traditional dress which can be described as a fusion of kurta and British frock. It is buttoned up to the collar and lengthwise it usually hangs below the knee and generally has beautiful embroideries carved on it. These days Sherwani is one of the most sought after indian fashion dresses for men and also, it is one of the most common component of indianmens wedding wear.

For indian men clothing, the fabric material options include silk, cotton, jacquard, polyester, viscose and many more. It completely depends upon the choice of the wearer regarding what fabric and colors he would like to include in his wardrobe, as the choices related to design, fabrics and colors are endless.

Western fashion attires included in Indian mens wear are tuxedos or dinner jackets, and other forms of formal business suits, which add a certain kind of class and charm in men’s personality by giving them a really dashing and debonair look. Western attires have provided a whole outlook to Indian fashion for men.

A tuxedo or dinner jacket is a formal evening suit, distinguished primarily by satin or grosgrain facings on the jacket’s lapels and buttons, and similar lining along the outer seam of the trousers. The tuxedos are typically black or midnight blue depending upon the choice of the wearer and commonly worn with a formal shirt, shoes, tie, and other accessories. The tuxedos are a great addition to Indian mens clothing, for formal business occasions.

There is no down side to men wearing fashionable clothes and following the latest trends. In the current generation, men are as fashion conscious as women and aspire to look their best at all times. With the help of fashion, men feel better about their appearance and that is enough to boost the confidence of any individual.

Styles and Trends in Men’s Fashion

Generally men prefer a wardrobe full of both western and Indian men clothes and matching accessories. A dhoti and a pajama can be worn with a royal designer sherwani as well as with a simple yet elegant kurta, accompanied by rajasthani mojaris or jootis. Kurtas also look extremely classy and trendy when worn with jeans. You can have a perfect fusion of western casuals and traditional attire.

Trendy polo pants can add an appealing touch to anyone’s overall look. It can be carried elegantly with both long and short kurtas. These Indo Western polo pants when carried with classy pathani kurtas, gives a feel of power dressing.

The stylish Indo western suit can add elegance and panache to your wardrobe. You can wear them with Dhoti style pants and polo pants. Soft colors are more popular among them.

Add an eclectic mix of palazzo pants with designer sherwani to give a versatile feel to the Indian ethnic wear for men. Palazzo pants are mainly women’s fashion, but designers added it to the men’s fashion also. Palazzo pants, when matched with traditional designer sherwani, embellished with pearls and velvet work, gives a perfect indo-western look.

These ethnic wear for men has made its way into the global fashion industry and is now proudly showcased on various high end fashion shows. Indian fashion is catching the eye of the whole world and many western designers are also manufacturing clothes for Indian occasions, keeping the traditional designs in mind. Nowadays when it comes to weddings, festivities and cultural occasions, men prefer ethnic wear combined with dazzling accessories over western clothing.