How to Choose the Best Men's Wedding Dress for This Season?

How to Choose the Best Men's Wedding Dress for This Season?

Brief Introduction and History of Men’s Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses for men are one of the most elaborate garments that are available in India. Each garment is designed to be extremely opulent in order to inspire elegant and stately imagery during one of the most colorful celebrations in life – the wedding.

These men’s garments vary with every state in India; therefore, when it comes to Indian ethnic fashion, men always have more than a handful of options to choose from and can conceivably wear different styles of garments on different ceremonies throughout the wedding period, which usually lasts around a week.

When it comes to guests attending the wedding, more often than not, the garments, while still retaining a luxurious look, are comparatively subtle in nature. However, as it is custom to be extremely well dressed in formal attire during weddings, even the subtle versions of the garments are quite loud and decorative when compared to the clothes meant for regular, daily wear.

On the other hand, when it comes to the groom, Indian wedding dresses for men tend to be extremely elaborate both in terms of the styles of the garments that are worn as well as the overall embroidery and prints that go into making it.

They are meant to make the groom look as dashing and debonair as possible, which is why it is not uncommon for most grooms to place orders on their wedding garments up to three months in advance of their actual wedding. This is mainly because getting the garment fitted and, perhaps, refitted can take a large amount of time, especially if the orders are placed at the peak of the wedding season.

Though designer stores, offering designer suits for men, do have a thriving place in the market, this is one of the reasons why contemporary grooms are choosing to purchase their Indian wedding clothes or party wear men dresses,  where they can explore a wide variety of options and have the convenience of customization, ensuring they look their best on their special day.

One of the best wedding dresses for men is the ever-versatile sherwani outfit, including the indo western sherwani and the classic black sherwani. The sherwani comprises two main components that create this outfit together. The first is the kurta which can reach to the knees or just below the knees in some cases.

The kurta is usually heavily embroidered or printed because the groom tends to be one of the main focal points at a wedding. Some kurtas may have a small collar while others may have an open neckline. To further enhance the look, grooms can pair the sherwani with a designer blazer, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to the traditional attire, making it a perfect blend of heritage and contemporary style.

They are usually well-fitted around the shoulders and the torso and loose around the midriff and the rest of the garment in order to facilitate mobility. Whichever the case is in terms of the overall design of the men’s designer kurtas, this component is always paired with churidar pants. Depending on the overall style of the garment, these churidars can be either plain or heavily embroidered or printed in order to add to the overall look and charm of the outfit.

This entire outfit can also be accompanied by a stole although contemporary grooms prefer wearing either an embroidered vest or a plain one along with the outfit on the whole in order to give it a slightly modern twist and make it relevant to their specific age group. Sherwani for groom is the most popular choice of attire when it comes to the latest wedding dresses for men. They can be worn for the main wedding function as well as a comparatively informal occasion such as the sangeet or the cocktail night.

Adding a touch of pomp and glamour to the entire affair – what else does one require wedding dresses for? Men’s general selection of Indian ethnic fashion also allows them to be extremely versatile with their overall styling.

Styling Wedding Dresses for Men

While styling Indian ethnic garments worn on a daily basis allows men a greater level of freedom with the kinds of accessories that they can choose, styling wedding dresses for men allows lesser freedom as there are certain set accessories that must be worn in order to observe tradition. For instance, members of the close family, as well as close friends, are required to wear pink turbans during the main wedding ceremony of the groom.

This is mainly seen as a sign of respect and is always a part of the attire during this day. Similarly, on the wedding day, the groom must wear a sehera which is a turban that hides the face of the groom with flowers on strings. Contemporary versions of this accessory come with different prints or even embroidery work on them in order to provide a jazzier look to the entire ensemble.

Most men prefer wearing Indian shoes such as juttis and mojaris however, depending on the occasion and the outfit chosen, some men prefer wearing leather shoes instead as they provide a better aesthetic at times and are also far more convenient for these men to wear.