Stylish V Neck Tunics

Stylish V Neck Tunics

Tunics are one of the most fashionable garments in the market right now. There are many different types of tunics available, with varying necklines, lengths, sleeve styles and silhouettes, as well as different types of patterns and designs. The most universally loved and commonly worn type would be the v-neck tunic. The v-neck tunic is considered the classic version of the tunic, the one that most women would have at least one of in their wardrobe.

The v neck tunic pattern has achieved such wide spread and universal popularity for several reasons. First of all, it is one of the most comfortable types of necklines because it allows the neck to breathe while still offering flexibility in terms of how much skin is shown. It is also extremely adaptable and versatile. V neck tunic tops can be worn for casual, semi-formal, formal and party occasions, depending on how they are styled and accessorized. Moreover, the v-neck design is considered a very feminine one. It is flattering for all body shapes while also being uniquely attractive. It showcases the collarbones and cleavage without being too revealing (unless that is the design of the dress), creating the perfect balance between elegance and style. It also creates a very attractive silhouette when combined with the loose and free flowing tunic outfit.

There are many different types of v-neck tunics available to choose from. A v neck tunic dress is one that is longer than a usual tunic and comes with the more defined, dress like silhouette. There are many different types of silhouettes that can be utilized, from the typical loose silhouette that is cinched at the waist with a belt to the flattering empire cut that fits just below the bosom and then flows out. A v neck tunic sweater, as the name suggests, is a sweater with a v-neck design. The addition of the feminine v-neck relieves much of the lumpiness of a sweater and makes it seem much shapelier. These are typically worn in the autumn and winter months while v neck tunic tees with the loose and tee shirt like fit are usually kept for summer days.

All types of fabrics can be used to make these different kinds of v-neck tunic tops, from cotton and silk to wool, rayon, crepe, chiffon and georgette. Prints, embroidered designs and embellished borders showcasing a variety of motifs can be used to make v-neck tunic tops more beautiful.

The type of v-neck used can also vary, depending on the depth of the cut. Deep v neck tunic tops are extremely popular for all kinds of occasions. They are often thought of as a more bold and sensual style because of the amount of skin they show but actually, they can also be worn on a daily basis with a shirt or tank top underneath. They are also extremely versatile. The same deep v neck tunic can be worn for beach wear with a bikini and then for office wear with a spaghetti top underneath it. The v neck tunic tops with a higher cut have a more conservative look and are hence preferred for office wear.

The v-neck design has also becoming immensely popular in Indian fashion and is frequently used in the Indian version of the tunic called the kurti or kurta. Kurtas are traditional Indian tunics that reach till the lower thighs or below, while kurtis usually end just at the hips. The v-neck design really suits them as it draws attention to the neck area of the outfit. In the case of kurtis and kurtis, some kind of interesting, ethnic inspired embroidery or embellishments are usually done around the neckline which is beautifully highlighted by the v-neck design. These designs can be done using simple beads, stones, crystals or sequins work though at times the more traditional Indian embroidery styles are also used, such as Kashida, Kasuti, Resham, Zari and Dabka. The most popular Indian kurti is the long sleeve v neck tunic with a loose, straight fitting cut; however, half sleeve, three fourth sleeve and sleeve less v-neck tunics are also becoming popular in Indian fashion. Besides embroidered borders, Indian kurtis usually come printed with gorgeous Indian motifs and designs.

Styling and Trends

The v-neck tunic is one of those classic garments that never really go out of vogue. Of late, the colorful and pretty Indian-style v-neck tunic tops with vibrant printed designs are becoming extremely popular in western countries. Bohemian clothing is trendy like never before and long sleeve v neck tunic tops are the quintessential bohemian garment. The ethnic and bohemian style v-neck tunics can be paired up with some chunky beaded jewelry and colorful flip flops or embroidered mojaris to create a fun, casual look. The more fancy and formal type of v-neck tops should be paired with beautiful pearl jewelry and gold pendants which will be nicely highlighted with the v-neck line.