Indowestern Combos of Kurtis, Tunics And Leggings

Indowestern Combos of Kurtis, Tunics And Leggings

Tunic and leggings or kurtas and pants together make for great outfit that isn’t just extremely easy to pull off but is also extremely comfortable, which is why, over the last few years they have become the attire of choice for thousands of women across India.

More often than not, the leggings are made of lycra, or a cotton blend similar to lycra, and are easily stretchable. This means that this component of the outfit is created in a free-size that fits women of all body shapes. The material is usually extremely comfortable and the fabric allows one’s skin to breathe easily.

A classy combo for all times

The tunic, on the other hand, is most commonly made of cotton though other fabrics like silk, nylon, linen and velvet can also be used. This is the top half of the outfit and is also called a kurti. A kurti is a major garment prevalent in Indian ethnic fashion and is worn with a lot of different types of bottoms like skirts, salwars, churridars and so on.

However, when using this for Indo-Western fashion, a kurti is usually worn with leggings or, at times, with jeans. Kurtis these days incorporate a westernized look as they have different cuts and styles designed to flatter one’s body that are inspired by western designs. These include halter backs, sleeveless tops, spaghetti straps and backless kurtis that also have a variety of necklines.

These outfits are extremely popular with young women, especially working women looking for semi formal attire to wear to work which is also comfortable.

kurtas-with-pants kurtas-with-pants kurtas-with-pants

Tunic tops for leggings can be worn for any casual occasions as well as dates and parties. However, they are not as appropriate for formal occasions such as weddings. This style is so popular that one even finds plus size tunics tops for leggings extremely easily.

Finding both short and long tunics to wear with leggings is extremely easy due to the popularity of this outfit. Tunics with leggings are, therefore, an extremely versatile option and really incorporate the concept of mix and match. One can purchase a variety of leggings in different colors and a variety of tunic dresses to wear with leggings and pair them up according to personal tastes. With color blocking being an important aspect of fashion nowadays, it really isn’t hard to give out the illusion of having an extremely full wardrobe with just a few items.

Some inspirations to style your look

Tunics and leggings are extremely easy to style as almost any look can be exhibited while wearing this outfit. Junk jewelry is one of the best options to go for as the outfit calls for a slightly informal, relaxed vibe.

Chunky necklaces with bright stones will look great with almost any neckline such as a round neck, open neck or even a sweetheart neckline as they tend to fill a lot of space. Bangles or funky bracelets are another form of jewelry that can look really good with an outfit that comprises of tunic tops with leggings as they add a certain element of grace and give a slightly more dressed up vibe.

tunic-with-pantsfuchsia-clutch golden-fuchsia-earrings

Earrings or even rings are purely optional depending on how fancy the occasion is, although they certainly won’t take away from the outfit itself. Accessorizing is, in general, a highly personalized form of self expression so the only things that one needs to worry about while accessorizing is whether or not one likes the accessories and whether or not they clash with the overall outfit.

As this is an Indo-Western look, the kinds of handbags that one can wear are basically limitless. You can go in for Western handbags such as sling bags, clutches or satchels.

More often than not, Indian women, especially working women and college students, tend to carry such bags with this outfit to complement the western elements in the look. Indian handbags such as moti work bags as well as cutdana handbags also work extremely well if one is more inclined towards emphasizing the Indian overtones in the outfit.


As far as shoes are concerned, most people tend to wear flat shoes such as slippers or flip flops with this outfit as the essence of the outfit demands an informal vibe.

Wedge heels or even high heeled shoes can look good with this outfit as well and the choice of shoes are essentially determined by the place you’re going to, the time of the day and, of course, the occasion that one is planning to wear them for.

For instance, students tend to lean towards flip flops with this look while working women prefer to wear heels as it adds to the formal look. With the more Indian style tunics, colorful mojaris or jutis will work quite well.