Best Silk Saree to Add to Your Collection - Thirubuvanam Silk Sarees

Best Silk Saree to Add to Your Collection - Thirubuvanam Silk Sarees

How Thirubuvanam Silk Sarees Have Become Popular?

Thirubhuvanam silk sarees are one of the most exotic forms of silk sarees available in India. One of the things that set this type of saree apart from other silk sarees is the fact that they are made by using filature silk for the warp and the weft which ends up creating extremely high-quality silk which has a lot of luster to it. As a result, this is one of the most coveted forms of silk sarees from the southern states in India.

An interesting aspect to note about these sarees is that they weigh anywhere between 450 grams to 1250 grams, depending on the kind of work that is done on the garment. Due to this, it is considered to be a richly made saree, making it mostly suitable for formal occasions as well as certain semi-formal occasions. Most often, these garments are worn for weddings, ceremonies, and festivals as they are the most appropriate for these events. They can be worn by women from different age groups and are considered to be extremely opulent and well-created garments in the world of Indian ethnic fashion.

Thirubhuvanam silks are extremely interesting when it comes to the visuals of the garment as the designs are focused on patterns or motifs derived largely from nature. These include mangoes, kalasam, temple, rudraksham, diamond, neil, kodi and even visiri. These garments use a set of colors such as parrot green and coffee brown and even colors like golden yellow.

Silk Saree
Silk Saree

What Is the Type of Fabric Used in This Saree?

However, at times, these garments can also be dual-toned and can have different kinds of effects on them that make a difference to the way the garment looks in general. Zari work is usually done on the garment. Zari refers to embroidery that is created by using threads of gold or silver in order to create different kinds of patterns throughout the garment.

This is one of the most expensive kinds of embroidery and is usually done on sturdy fabrics as the metals used can weigh more than lighter fabrics can handle. This is also something that makes the garment itself quite a heavy and rich-looking one.

Thirubhavanam sarees are one of the most popular forms of sarees in India and are widely coveted by women throughout the world. These are extremely well-designed garments. One of the biggest reasons why they are so popular is because they are fairly uncommon when compared to other sarees that originate from India. Rajasthani sarees, meanwhile,

While sarees from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra are still popularized by the media to a certain extent and are, therefore, a little more well known than this collection of saree, the thirubuvanam pattu sarees are lesser known and therefore, lesser worn by women throughout the country, which makes them exotic to not just women living abroad but also to Indians themselves. Thus, there is a slight element of mystique that surrounds this garment, which contributes to its popularity among women from different demographics.

Styling and Draping Tips

When saree dress, it is extremely important to note that the motifs and patterns that are generally used on this saree play a large role in setting the tone of the garment as well as the visual appeal. Due to this, any form of aesthetics that is being used in the form of accessories needs to compliment the entire look and not just the saree as a garment in itself. As the motifs are somewhat loud and colorful, it is always better to use accessories that are a little toned down.

To start with, footwear plays a large role in defining the elegance of a saree. High-heeled shoes should always be worn with this garment as it directly affects the fall and the overall look of the garment at the end of the day. It also makes women look taller and more elegant by creating a column-like silhouette.

Indian jewelry that would suit this type of garment the most is South Indian jewelry. These come in the form of elegant gold sets with simple but beautiful designs. Gold is one of the most valued forms of jewelry in the southern states of the country. Gold bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings and toe rings will really complement the gold work on the Thirubhuvanam sarees and make them seem even more exotic and beautiful.

Indian handbags such as cutdana handbags and embroidered handbags will add the perfect finishing touch. Women should ensure they pick out bags with work and designs that match the patterns on the saree borders and pallu.