Trending Pastel Bollywood Outfits for Men 

Trending Pastel Bollywood Outfits for Men 

Say goodbye to the era of traditional white and shiny gold groom attires! Prepare to be amazed as men embrace a refreshing edition in their D-day wardrobe, opting for soothing and light hues that exude pure sophistication. Dive into the world of Bollywood’s ethnic lookbooks for men, where pastel sherwanis steal the spotlight and redefine wedding fashion. Scroll down to witness the stars who made a statement in their pastel ensembles.

Vicky Kaushal – Confident and Comfortable Elegance

Vicky Kaushal emerges as the new pastel charmer on the block, flaunting a sherwani set that promises a unique, matchless, and splendid look. Ditching the usual red, yellow, and blue, Vicky opts for a light-colored sherwani, solidifying his style statement as one of the dapper grooms in B-town. Pastel colors, a key fashion trend for years, find a confident and comfortable advocate in Vicky Kaushal.

Farhan Akhtar – illuminating the Aisles with Light Hues

Farhan Akhtar takes center stage with his eye-pleasing, soothing, and delightfully happy-hued sherwani that steals the show. The color is seamlessly comfortable, radiating a fuss-free charm that complements the star’s style. While brides have long dominated the pastel trend, Farhan effortlessly hops on the pastel bandwagon, rocking an appearance that harmonizes with his lady’s ensemble. Adore the groom who fearlessly experiments with the latest fashion fads.

Ali Fazal – Subtle, Safe & Stylish in Pastel Bliss

Ali Fazal deserves brownie points for his subtle and stylish pastel sherwani, harmonizing effortlessly with his bride Richa Chadha’s pastel lehenga. This dynamic duo’s wedding outfits underscore pastel’s rising prominence in both bridal and groom’s ensembles. While black, navy blue and maroon have been classics for sherwanis, Ali Fazal’s sartorial switch to pastel proves foolproof, offering a guide to embracing the trend with poise.

Ranbir Kapoor – Striking Elegance in Ivory Silk 

The chocolate boy, Ranbir Kapoor, captivates in an ivory silk sherwani adorned with intricate embroidery, perfectly complementing his stunning bride, Alia Bhatt, in her pastel lehenga. Pastel takes the throne in the wedding season, infusing class and breaking the monotony of dark and bright hues. Ranbir’s wedding sherwani coordinates effortlessly with Alia’s ivory lehenga, setting a benchmark for color-coordinated elegance.

Sidharth Malhotra – Summer Wedding Chic

Bollywood’s current sensation, Sidharth Malhotra, sets the tone for summer weddings with his perfect pastel trend acumen. Drawing inspiration from the soothing spectrum of pastels, Sidharth mirrors his bride, Kiara, rounding off his royal groom look with a suave, decent, and novel light-hued sherwani. He effortlessly masters the pastel hack, inspiring many to embrace ethnic and wedding looks like true royalty.

Elevating the Pastel Trend with Bollywood’s Finest

Pastel hues have entrenched themselves as a cornerstone of fashion trends, offering soft, romantic, and perfect choices for summer and spring. Men hesitating about the pastel trend can draw inspiration from Bollywood’s hottest stars, upgrading their wedding wardrobe with confidence. These grooms make a compelling case for the soothing hues of pastel sherwanis, offering a glimpse into a fashion-forward future for wedding attire. To amplify this trend, Utsav Fashion presents an exquisite collection of wedding outfits, sherwanis, and wedding wear for men in captivating pastel colors, a testimony to the timeless allure of pastels in modern weddings.

Embrace the Pastel Revolution with Utsav Fashion’s Stunning Collection

The trend of pastel sherwanis is not just a fad; it’s a revolution in wedding fashion. Bollywood’s leading men showcase how pastels can redefine traditional groom attire, adding a touch of elegance and charm. For those ready to make a statement at their wedding, Utsav Fashion offers a stunning collection of wedding outfits, sherwanis, and wedding wear for men in enchanting pastel hues. Elevate your wedding style with the soft, romantic, and utterly stylish world of pastels.