How Silk Lehengas Are Gaining Popularity Among Women?

How Silk Lehengas Are Gaining Popularity Among Women?

The Popularity of Silk Lehengas Among Women

The lehenga choli or the ghagra choli, in all its varieties, is the quintessential traditional Indian garment for women. Add to that the use of silk in lehengas and designer Banarasi Silk sarees makes it the finest Indian garments in the market.

The silk lehenga is one of the most versatile Indian garments that is used popularly by women in the urban centers of India. A silk lehenga choli is especially beautiful since it highlights all the curves of a woman while also being a lush, rich and opulent garment, therefore making it a much sought-after fashion item.

Essentially, the opulence of a silk lehenga lies in its fabric i.e. silk and is therefore a preferred garment for festive occasions, religious celebrations as well as formal parties. Women usually tend to go for a raw silk lehenga on religious occasions as silk is the grandest of all Indian fabrics and the unrefined, handloom texture of raw silk adds grace befitting religious festivities.

For instance, the traditional women in Gujarat don the raw silk lehenga choli for Dandiya Raas dances at the time of Navratras. This, however, is not to restrict the usage of a raw silk lehenga choli, as many Tinsel Town celebrities have also sported them on screen for many other types of festivities.

How Many Types of Silk Lehengas Do You Have in Your Collection?

Within the silk category too, there are different types of silk looms that are more popular than others. A Banarasi silk lehenga is the preferred bridal garment in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Women prefer buying this type of silk lehenga as it is a veritable cottage industry in this state and the scope for traditional embroidery and embellishments is immense.

In modern times, women from all over the country believe in the glamour and grandeur of a Banarasi silk lehenga and its ability to make them look gorgeous.

Another traditional handloom silk variety is the Chanderi silk. A chanderi silk lehenga is preferred by women from across the country because of this silk’s ability to absorb just about any color and highlight it in such a way that it lends an extremely chic, modish and elegant look to the wearer. In fact, many high profile celebrities swear by the chanderi silk lehenga, making it one of the most sought out party wear lehengas for women in ethnic Indian fashion.

A silk lehenga choli is also a popular ensemble for the wedding season. Many women prefer silk lehengas over other fabrics since it brings the element of classy tradition to the forefront. As an added bonus in terms of its utility, silk also is more protective and comparatively warmer than lehengas made of lighter materials. Furthermore, silk lehengas tend to remain in fashion for longer periods of time than modern lehengas with specific trendy embellishments.

Buying a silk lehenga choli with the price in mind tends to restrict the number of choices one explores. For this reason, there are a number of affordable yet designer lehenga options in the market that make use of hybrid silks like cot silk and artificial silk which are beautiful, but more affordable.

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Style and Trending Silk Lehenga Choli

Silk lehenga designs play a huge role in the purchase of a designer lehenga choli set for parties and other such exclusive occasions. Many women opt for traditional motifs and patterns of fruits, flowers and birds done up in glittering regional work like zari and gota patti, especially for weddings. However subtle and modern ladies’ lehenga are elegant and more popular for parties.

The right kind of jewelry is essential when wearing a silk lehenga to a special occasion. Choker Kundan necklaces are often paired with lehenga cholis. This is done so as to aggrandize a simple choli while also syncing with the overall look of this party-wear outfit.

Women generally prefer wearing bangles with lehenga cholis in sets of 12 on each hand. When the main feature of the silk lehenga choli is its bright hues, then it is a good idea to sport bangles in matching hues. This gives a very pretty and peppy look to the wearer.

If the highlight of the outfit is its stonework or sequin work embellishments, then it is a good idea to wear karhas or kangans in precious metals inlaid with semi-precious or precious stones.

While accessories are one of the many ways of completing the look, the dupatta is the first and foremost fashion accessories one must focus on. If the embellishment on the neck of the silk choli is great, then the dupatta can be draped around the waist and hung loosely over both wrists. On the other hand, it is possible that the dupatta is the highlight of the set. If that is the case, it is advisable to pin up one end of the dupatta at the shoulder and then let it fall over the arm.