Short Tunics: Summer's Most Comfortable Ethnic Wear

Short Tunics: Summer's Most Comfortable Ethnic Wear

A tunic is a simple piece of clothing extending from the shoulders and reaching somewhere between the hips and the ankles. The word ‘Tunic’ comes from the word ‘Tunica’ in Latin and in fact this piece of clothing has been worn both by men and women since ancient times.

Its origins can be traced back to the Greeks and Romans. The style and appearance of tunics for women, however, has evolved through the years; it is still one of the most popular forms of clothing even today. They are worn extensively by women all over the world even though the design and style is completely different from what it once was.

Women’s tunic tops along with the stylish short tunic and ethnic short kurtis have become one of the ideal choices for women, as they are loose fitting, comfortable and extremely versatile. They can be either dressy or casual.

Short tunic styles

Different types of short tunic dresses displaying varying cuts and silhouettes are available; there is an appropriate style for every body shape. Short kurtis are an ideal choice for Indian women who want to try modern styles of ethnic clothes rather than sticking to the traditional choices.

The basic shape of tunic tops does not alter but still there is lot of variation in style, color and fabric that is easily adaptable for different occasions.

Short sleeve tunic tops


This is one of the most modern styles and is different in terms of the length from the traditionally styled tunics. The breezy fit and short cut of short sleeve tunic tops make them not just comfortable but also fashionable, especially during the summers.

Most Indian women prefer a short sleeved tunic as it is usually made of light, comfortable materials and can be worn during all seasons; it can also be worn with many different kinds of ensembles.

The designs are always changing and one can easily find trendiest fabrics like georgette, crepe or art silk as well as the most stylish patterns. During the winters they can be worn with long jackets or cardigans along with a great pair of well fitted jeans or patterned leggings.

Short kurtis


These short tunics worn by Indian women are very well designed and comfortable, allowing a woman to breathe, which is why they are so popular with young girls. One can find a plethora of dynamic ethnic designs, tribal inspired prints, intricate embroideries and pretty colors to choose from.

Short tunic dress

These have become increasing popular as they can be chosen as casual wear or even for formal occasions. One can get floral printed cotton tunic dresses for an informal party as well as a beautiful embroidered silk option for an evening soiree.

Short tunic dresses are a fashion must have and helps make a woman look extremely chic even when dressed casually. They can be worn even during the winters and can be accessorized with stylish hip belts.


These dresses can be found in a range of western colors and patterns; alternatively, they can be designed keeping certain themes in mind. A new trend, for instance, is the short sleeve tunic in the style of a Japanese kimono with bright and vibrant oriental designs that emphasize the feminine curves.

Women’s tunic tops can also be found with a smarter silhouette, where they are still loose-fitted and flowing, but with a lot more definition. This particular style is designed to be tied at the waist and can be paired up with leggings. It should be worn with high heels. They are a classy pick and can be worn for glamorous parties along with the right mix of accessories.

Silk Tunics

The latest trend in tunics is the increased use of thinner fabrics like silk, suitable for everyday wear, which can be paired up with leggings or jeans. Women’s tunic tops in silk are perfect for dates, informal parties or even office wear.

For a funky look, one can go for short sleeve tunics with patterns inspired from the 60’s. These require no additional accessories. Pleated silk tunics are the latest in fashion. Elegant and graceful, they can also be teamed up with a skirt rather than pants.


Other different styles in women’s tunic tops include the flowing anarkali tunic, bohemian tunic, fitted tunic, ruched tunic and the basic belted tunic. All these different types of silhouettes can also be found in the form of short tunic dresses and can be teamed with jeans, skirts or trousers.

When worn with a skirt it is important that the skirt is longer than the tunic tops and not too loose or flowing. Women can try different types of tunics and see for themselves which works best on their body and suits their personal style.